State Cyclocross Championships
Irvine, California

Celo Pacific's Brent Prenzlow & John Behrens on the way to podium positions at the 2005 State Championship race. Photo by Mitch Clinton.

2005 News Archive

12/29/05 - Our friends from B&L Bike and Sport are leading a New Year's Day ride up Palomar Mtn to the restaurant on top. The ride will depart at 9:00 from Lake Wohlford.

12/29/05 - New Celo Pacific shoe covers by Sock Guy have arrived. The new covers are all solid red and will replace the earlier version.

12/22/05 - Race Report - Santa Sore With Celo Pacific Win!! New photos are posted - thanks Matt Hale.

12/18/05 - Santa Cross / So Cal CX Finals - Celo Pacific riders win 4 categories! Brent Prenzlow wins the Mens A with John Behrens taking 5th. Jeff Prinz wins the Masters 30+, Chuck Morris wins the Masters 40+, and Dan Breyer wins the singlespeed.

Congrats to Overall So Cal Cross Series Winners:

  • 1st, CELO PACIFIC, Team Competition
  • 1st, Jeff Prinz, Masters 30+
  • 1st, Chris Gallup, Masters 40+
  • 2nd, Brent Prenzlow, Mens A
  • 2nd, Chuck Morris, Masters 40+
  • 3rd, John Behrens, Mens A

12/14/05 - CX Nationals - Photos of some of the Celo Pacific racers are posted.

12/11/05 - Cx Nationals Day 3: Masters 60+, Lee Willmore put in the top finish for Celo Pacific on the weekend with a fine 7th place finish. In the Men's Liberty Cup Elite Race, another tough day saw Brent Prenzlow in 29th, Jeff Herring in 52nd, and John Behrens with multiple flats and not scored.

12/11/05 - Tom's Farm TT - Paul Miller was 3rd in Masters 50-59.

12/10/05 - Cx Nationals Day 2: Elite Men - Racing in very cold, icy, muddy and wet conditions, the guys had a tough day. Brent Prenzlow finished 30th in the large 123 rider field with teammate John Behrens back in the second half of the field. Peter Morris raced early in the day on a very icy course in the Juniors 13-14.

12/9/05 - Cx Nationals Day 1: Nasty blizzards in Providence and Chicago last night and today caused Celo riders Brent Prenzlow and John Behrens to get stranded in Chicago and miss the Masters 35-39 race. Teammate Jeff Herring started but had to pull out due to the severe conditions. It got so bad the rest of the day's races were cancelled. Chuck Morris finished 26th in the Masters 45-49 earlier that morning.

12/6/05 - Thanks to everyone who volunteered at our Cross Race in Vista and to the races for coming out and competing.

12/4/05 - Celo Pacific Cyclocross, Vista - Full Results here.

12/4/05 - Piru TT - Paul Miller was 4th in Masters 45+ racing in high wind warning conditions.

12/3/05 - CA State Cyclocross Championships, Irvine, CA - Celo Pacific medalists include Dan Breyer (Gold, singlespeed), Tony Smith (Silver, ss), Brent Prenzlow (Silver, Mens A), John Behrens (Bronze, Mens A), Chris Gallup (Bronze, 40+). NEW -> Report, photos and results on

11/27/05 - Turkey Trot CX in Glendale - A great day for Celo Pacific with Brent Prenzlow winning the Men's A, and teammates John Behrens and Jeff Herring placing 5th and 6th. Additional wins for Celo in the Masters by Jeff Prinz (30+) and Chris Gallup (40+), who both lead the series overall in their categories. Full results are here. See photos at

11/26/05 - Tucson CX Finals - Mark Salmon finished 3rd on the day and 3rd overall (Masters category). As a result, he's qualified for the AZ State Games in cx, which will be held Jan 14th in Phoenix.

11/24/05 - Tom's Farm TT - Paul Miller placed 3rd (Masters 50-54) and is in 1st place in the SoCal/NV TT series so far.

11/23/05 - Team Socks are now available. Pick up your socks at the Celo Pacific CX #2 Dec 4th in Vista. If you did not order, there are a limited number of extras available - Get 'em before we're sold out!

11/21/05 - US Gran Prix National Series Final Rankings released here. BP finishes 18th overall.

11/20/05 - US Gran Prix #6/Finals at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco - Celo Pacific rider Brent Prenzlow takes a 17th place finish. John Behrens is 37th and Jeff Prinz 45th. Complete results here.

11/20/05 - Adams Ave CX, San Diego - Tony Smith wins the Men's A for Celo Pacific. Many other great rides by the team see the Results here.

11/19/05 - US Gran Prix #5/Watsonville, CA - Amongst a large, deep field on a very hot & dusty day, Celo Pacific places Brent Prenzlow in 20th, John Behrens 28th, Jeff Prinz 36th, and Jeff Herring 44th. Complete results here. David Bales placed 2nd in the Masters 45+ Bs.

11/18/05 - So Cal Cross Cup Standings after week 8 of 14. Celo Pacific continues to dominate the Team Competition - results here. Individual results here.

11/13/05 - Urban Cx at Palos Verdes - highlights - Mens A: Tony Smith, 2nd, John Behrens, 3rd, Jeff Prinz, 4th, Jeff Herring, 6th. Masters 40+, Chuck Morris was 2nd and David Bales 5th. Mens B: Phillip Gray, 6th; Singlespeed: Tony Smith 1st and Chris Gallup 2nd. Complete Results here.

11/6/05 - UCI Cyclocross - Highland Park, New Jersey - Brent Prenzlow was 13th and John Behrens 18th. Results/report here.

11/6/05 - Bakersfield Cyclocross - Men's A: Jeff Herring 5th, Jeff Prinz 6th. In Masters action, Jeff Prinz won the 30+ and Chris Gallup won the 40+. More to come...

11/6/05 - Piru Time Trial - Paul Miller finishes 3rd (Masters 50-54).

11/5/05 - UCI Cyclocross - Lower Allen Classic, Pennsylvania - Celo Pacific riders Brent Prenzlow and John Behrens finish 8th and 16th. Results/report here.

10/30/05 - Black Cat Urban Cx #3, Harbor City, CA - Results are posted. Celo highlights - 30+: Jeff Prinz - 1st; 40+ Chris Gallup - 2nd, David Bales - 4th; Men's B: Phillip Gray - 7th; Men's A: Brent Prenzlow, 2nd, John Behrens, 3rd, Jeff Herring, 4th.

10/30/05 - Challenged Athlete's Half Ironman - Matt Sheremeta reports: The CAF raises money for athletes with physical challenges. I did the 56 mile TT and the Half Marathon run, the swimmer on my team had no legs. Other cyclists assisted disabled athletes; some even carrying amputees from the water to the transition area. Other highlights were seeing Robin Williams, helping raise over a million dollars for the CAF, and getting to meet the girl I donated my hair to!

10/29/05 - Tucson Cx #2: Open - Brent Prenzlow, 1st; Masters 35+: Brent 1st, Mark Salmon 5th.

10/27/05 - Photo sequence from Verdugo Cross is posted.

10/25/05 - UCI Cross rankings were calculated for the new 05/06 season with Celo Pacific's Brent Prenzlow ranked 61st.

10/25/05 - Celo Pacific continues to lead the TEAM competition in the So Cal Cross Cup.

10/23/05 - Verdugo Cyclocross, Glendale - Results are posted. Congrats to Celo Pacific winners Chris Gallup (40+) and Jeff Prinz (30+)!

10/18/05 - Celo Pacific Cross Photo sequence by Mitch Clinton is posted.

10/16/05 - Celo Pacific CX Results are posted. race report and photos here.

10/16/05 - Tom's Farm TT, Paul Miller is 1st in Masters 50-54.

10/15/05 - Tucson Cx #1: Mark Salmon takes 2nd, Masters 35+.

10/15/05 - Santiago Cyn TT, Paul Miller is 3rd in Masters 50-59 .

10/12/05 - New Photo sequence from Tacoma USGP is posted.

10/9/05 - US Gran Prix #2 - Tacoma, Washington: top 3 - Mark McCormack, Ryan Trebon, Tim Johnson. Celo Pacific's Brent Prenzlow finishes 12th & John Behrens 32nd. Full results are posted (66 starters).

10/9/05 - Adams Ave CX (So Cal #3). Results are posted. Congrats to Chris Gallup, 1st (Masters 40+) and Tony Smith, 1st (Singlespeed). Celo Pacific continues to lead the team competition.

10/8/05 - US Gran Prix #1 - Portland: top 3 - Ryan Trebon, Barry Wicks (both Kona), Adam Craig (Giant). Celo Pacific's Brent Prenzlow finishes 16th. Both Trebon and Craig have raced at Celo's Buena Vista CX course. Photos here Full results are posted (93 starters!)

10/8/05 - Paul Miller placed 2nd (50-59 age group) at the Fiesta Island Time Trial.

10/7/05 - Star Crossed photo sequence is posted here.

10/6/05 - MTB Action - Mountain Bikers & Cyclocross article.

10/5/05 - Cyclocross World - race report from the UCI cx in Michigan.

10/4/05 - Star Crossed slide show by Pat Bentson.

10/2/05 - Cross Crusade, Portland - Brent Prenzlow places 3rd in very muddy conditions. Results are posted here...John Behrens was 15th!

10/2/05 - Urban Cx, Torrance - Tony Smith wins the Mens A. Results coming soon.

10/1/05 - Star Crossed, Seattle - Brent Prenzlow finished 7th on a muddy and slippery course that only saw 14 finishers out of around 50 riders. VeloNews reports here.

9/28/05 - Photo sequence from Michigan UCI cross race is posted.

9/25/05 - Tailwind UCI CX, Waterford, Michigan -- Day 1, Brent Prenzlow finished 3rd; John Behrens 17th. Day 2, Brent was 4th and John 17th. Results in pdf format: Day 1 & Day 2. Photos up at

9/22/05 - So Cal CX Season Off and Running report from Cyclocross World.

9/21/05 - Photos posted here from the Palos Verdes cross race - Thanks Mitch Clinton!

9/18/05 - So Cal Cross Cup opener, Palos Verdes - Celo Pacific sweeps the Men's A podium with Brent Prenzlow, Tony Smith, and John Behrens finishing 1-2-3! Chris Gallop wins 40+; Results are posted here. Photos from all races at

9/17/05 - Mt Charleston Hill climb, Nevada - Matt Sheremeta finished 4th overall and 1st (Cat 4) in his category.

9/15/05 - The Celo Pacific CX Race Information is now available. Web version or Printable version.

9/12/05 - The address has changed on the Club Reimbursement Form. Please use the new version.

9/11/05 - Fiesta Island Time Trial - Paul Miller places 3rd in the 50-59 category.

9/10/05 - Cyclocross bikes, tires, and parts for sale on Stuff For Sale page.

9/10/05 - Mt Graham Hill Climb - Matt Sheremeta takes 2nd (Cat 4) in this tough 20 mile climb!

9/4/05 - Kitt Peak Hill Climb, Arizona - Celo Pacific climber Matt Sheremeta wins the Cat 4s despite a flat! Congrats Matt -- Results here.

8/14/05 - Mt Lemmon Hill Climb, Tucson, AZ - Celo's Matt Sheremeta Wins the Cat 4s and sets the 4s course record; Mark Salmon also races for Celo Pacific. Results here.

8/11/05 - Bob Illy checks in after his Tour de France trip. Click here for the story.

8/3/05 - Cyclocross Weekly training practice begins Wed Aug 10th in San Diego behind the Velodrome. Click here for all the details.

6/30/05 - US Masters Road Nationals, Park City, UT - Joann Meyer wins the 60+ Road Race. Congrats! Results here. Article posted.

6/24-26/05 - Elkhorn Classic Stage Race, Baker City, Oregon - John Behrens finished 24th g.c. in the Pro/1/2 field. Results are posted here.

6/6/05 - Memorial for Kirk Spindelman info here:

This is a sad message to inform you that long time club member Kirk Spindleman died Sunday night, June 5, after a long fight with cancer. We all knew Kirk as a great guy who always had a smile, a positive attitude, a willingness to help and be involved in the club and the enjoyment of being out on a ride.

In E-mail messages from his wife Glenna, she stated “I am very sad and heartbroken for us all. I am elated his pain is gone. The healing service at our church just fourteen hours earlier was honored. Cancer wanted to cause many more days of pain and confusion. God said ‘No’”. “’He is mine and I am taking him home with Me’. Alleluia. Amen”

The Celebration of Life for Kirk will be held at 11am on Monday, June 13 at Grace Presbyterian Church 1450 E. Vista Way Vista, CA 92084.

6/5/05 - Ontario Airport Criterium - John Behrens took a nice 5th place finish in the Masters 30+ field and also was 14th in the Pro/1/2 later that afternoon. Results posted here.

6/4/05 - Masters SoCal State Road Race Chamionships - Vandenburg AFB, Lompoc - Celo Pacific's John Magnati wins the Master's 60+. Congrats! Results here.

5/30/05 - LA Wings Memorial Day Crit - John Magnati, 5th (Masters 55+). Results here.

5/28/05 - Palomar Hill Climb Challenge - BP had the fastest time with Chan Huynh 3rd. Full Results coming.

5/22/05 - 40 RM pictures posted from San Luis Rey!

5/22/05 - Found at Sullivan Middle School on RR day, 5/8/05 - Ladies small analog wristwatch with ¾” long metal link wristband. Contact Don Elling, club Secretary, at or call 760-720-9638.

5/22/05 - SD Cyclo Vets Omnium Stage Race - Dietrich Lamprecht swept all 3 stages to win the Masters 75+! Other results: John Behrens, 15th (Pro/1/2), Paul Miller, 16th (masters 50+), Larry Friedman, 11th (masters 60+), Chan Huynh, 23rd (Cat 4). Results here. 

5/21/05 - Buckman Springs Road Race - John Behrens placed 7th in the Pro/1/2 race. 

5/14/05 - San Clemente Circuit Race. results posted. Photos at David Bales was 11th (Masters 40+, Cat 4/5) and Stefan Steiner was 7th (Cat 5).

5/8/05 - Mark Reynolds San Luis Rey Road Cycling Classic: Thanks to everyone who volunteered to make the race happen, and to all the racers for participating. Photos available at Results, article and photos are posted

Celo Pacific Team Results - 

  • Masters 30+: 3rd, Brent Prenzlow, 4th, John Behrens
  • Masters 40+: 20th, Chris Gallup
  • Masters 45+: 22nd, Chuck Morris
  • Masters 60+: 10th, Larry Friedman
  • Masters 70+: 1st, Dietrich Lamprecht
  • Cat 5b: 13th, Stefan Steiner

5/7/05 - Barrio Logan Crit - Masters 70+: 1st, Dietrich Lamprecht, Masters 60+: 2nd, John Magnanti

4/15-17/05 - Sea Otter Classic - Results are posted. Celo Pacific Team results:

  • Friday - Circuit Race, Master 30+ Cat 1/2/3 - John Behrens - 15th place; MTB Short Track Expert Men 40+ - Chris Gallup - 6th
  • Saturday - Road Race, Master 30+ Cat 1/2/3 - Brent Prenzlow - 9th, John Behrens - 18th, Jeff Herring - 29th
  • Sunday - MTB Cross Country, Pro/Expert Single Speed: Brent Prenzlow - 2nd, Tony Smith - 6th, Dan Breyer - 37th; Expert 45-49: Chuck Morris - 10th; Beginner 40-44: Richard Murphy - 43rd; Beginner 60+: Lee Willmore - 5th.

4/17/05 - Roger Millikan Memorial G.P. (La Mirada Crit) - John Magnanti, 2nd (Masters 60+). Results posted.

4/3/05 - Torrance Crit - John Magnanti, 10th (Masters 55+) & Stefan Steiner, 12th (Cat 5). Results posted. Redlands Crit - Chan Huynh, 7th (35+, Cat 4/5). Results posted.

3/31/05 - Mark Reynolds San Luis Rey Road Cycling Classic - The race flyer and prize list are posted.

3/27/05 - Ontario Spring Classic Criterium - Richard Magnanti, 6th (Masters 55+), John Magnanti, 2nd & Larry Friedman 10th (Masters 60+). Results posted.

3/26/05 - 12 Hours at Orange County (Mtb race). Tony Smith takes 3rd place solo. Results & report posted.

3/20/05 - Home Depot Criterium, Carson, CA - John Magnanti takes 2nd (Masters 60+) and Stefan Steiner places 16th (Cat 4/5) Results are posted.

3/20/05 - Tumacacori RR, Arizona - Matt Sheremeta places 6th (Cat 5). Results are posted.

3/18/05 - Need Clothes? New order form here - due May 1st.

3/15/05 - Local Group Rides page has been updated.

3/13/05 - Southridge Winter Mtb Series Final, Fontana - Short Track - Chris Gallup wins (Expert class). Mtb Action report.

3/13/05 - North End Classic, Yuma, AZ - Results are posted. John Behrens takes 19th in the Pro/1/2 Road Race, while Matt Sheremeta places 5th g.c. (Cat 5). Matt was 7th in the Crit and 6th in the RR. Behrens reported, "it was a hot and breezy pack ride with a little bit of gutter work at 55 kph. We averaged 42 kph (26 mph) for 145 k (90 miles). There were three off the front and no one was controlling the run-in for fourth, so it was too chaotic to get setup properly. Plus I was tired and thirsty."

3/6/05 - Labor Power CBR Crit - Stefan Steiner placed 12th (Cat 5) and David Bales was 19th (Masters 40+, Cat 4/5). Results here.

3/5/05 - Vision Quest Mtb Endurance Race, Orange Cty - Brent Prenzlow finishes 8th. Mtn Bike Action report here.

2/27/05 - Valencia Grand Prix (Crit) - Stefan Steiner placed 7th (Cat 5). Results here.

2/26/05 - Southridge Winter Mtb Series, Fontana - Short Track - Chris Gallup took 1st place (Expert class). Results and Mtb Action report.

2/20/05Tour of Murrieta (3-day road stage race) was held during brutal rain storms. Celo Pacific riders David Bales (46th g.c., Cat 4) and Stefan Steiner (8th g.c., Cat 5) survived the storms! Story and photos here.

2/13/05Southridge Winter Mtb Series, Fontana - Celo's Chris Gallup made waves racing to 2nd place in the short track aboard his cyclocross bike. Click here for the story.

2/7/05While the SoCal roadies are already busy hammering each other this year, Jim Cushing-Murray is keeping fit with XC Ski racing in Colorado. Jim entered a 5 km event and won his age group with no one older beating him!

2/5/05Boulevard Road Race, held 60 miles east of San Diego, is the traditional road season-opener in So Cal. Celo Pacific's Chan Huynh has upgraded to cat 4 and started the season out great with a 5th place finish out of 77 starters. Results here.

1/30/05 - 2005 Reimbursement form in Excel format is posted.

1/9/05 - Bakersfield/Hart Park Cyclocross - SoCal Cross Cup Finals:

1/4/05 - Have you renewed? The Club membership application has been updated for 2005. See Membership page.

1/2/05 - Solvang Cross was held under rainy/muddy conditions, and included two flowing stream crossings. Celo's Brent Prenzlow took the win over Mark Noble (Amgen) with teammate Jeff Herring in 4th. Chris Gallup took 1st in the Masters 35+ with Richard Murphy 3rd. Results & report are posted.



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