SoCal Cross Prestige Series Final
Santa Cross - Woodland Hills

Moving on up! Celo Pacific's John Bailey racing in the 1/2/3s after clinching the cat 3/4 overall title prior to the final race. photo by Fion Bailey

Upcoming Events
Jan 6 Group Ride - Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Inland route
Jan 7 Storm The Beach! Cross presented by Celo Pacific
Jan 13 Group Ride - Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Northbound Camp Pendleton route.
Jan 20 TEAM MEETING and Lunch after the Group Ride - Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Inland route
Jan 27 Group Ride - Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Northbound Camp Pendleton route.

12/31/06 - Storm the Beach! Cross is coming Sunday, January 7th.

12/30/06 - Have you renewed? The Club membership application has been updated for 2007. See Membership page.

12/23/06 - Santa Cross (SoCal Prestige Series Final) - Celo Pacific was awarded Best Team for the 2nd consecutive year! The team also had 4 individual series champions: Men's 1/2/3 - Brent Prenzlow, 3/4 - John Bailey, 4 - Mark Campaigne, and Masters 45+ - Chuck Morris. Congrats to all Celo cx'ers on a fine season!

12/22/06 - Final USA Cycling CX National Racing Calendar Rankings - Brent Prenzlow finishes the season 15th; John Behrens 64th. Click here to see the final standings. The 30-race calendar, which consisted of all 29 UCI-sanctioned races in the U.S. and the CX National Championships, kicked off in late September and concluded with last weekend's nationals in Providence, R.I.

12/22/06 - Race Report - How I became a State CX Champion by John Bailey

12/17/06 - Cyclocross Nationals, Providence, RI; Day 3 - Brent Prenzlow finishes 13th in the Elite Men's Super Cup race won by Tim Johnson, while John Behrens takes 32nd. In the Men's B, 35+, Chuck Morris finished 14th. Full Results here. Click here to see a great video of the Strawberry Cup Elite Men's race.

12/16/06 - Cyclocross Nationals, Providence, RI; Day 2 - Brent Prenzlow finishes 19th in the Elite Men's National Championship race won by Ryan Trebon over Jon Page and Tim Johnson. In the Juniors 17-18, Didier Jourdain was 16th and Peter Morris was 17th in the 13-14 Juniors. Full Results here. Click here to see a cool video of the Elite Men's National race.

12/15/06 - Cyclocross Nationals, Providence, RI; Day 1 - Brent Prenzlow takes a bronze medal (3rd) in the Masters 35-59. Full results here. Click here to see video coverage (Masters 35-39).

12/12/06 - Storm the Beach! Cross is coming Sunday, January 7th. We finalized the course tonight and it is cool; very scenic and unlike anything we've seen yet in SoCal CX this year. Expect 3 "Belgian-style" sand runs, a long ride on hard sand next to the ocean, a few small hills, and several long, fast dirt road sections. Don't miss it!

12/10/06 - SCNCA State CX Championships at Hanson Dam - Celo Pacific riders won 3 state titles - Congrats to John Bailey (Cat 3/4), Chuck Morris (45-49), and Mark Campaigne (Cat 4). Silver medalists were Brent Prenzlow (1/2/3), Didier Jourdain (3/4), Doug Miller (55-59) and Lee Willmore (60+). Bronze medalist was Jeff Herring (35-39).

12/10/06 - Tom's Farm TT, Paul Miller places 2nd in the Masters 50-59. He is tied for first in the series in his category now.

12/3/06 - KLM UCI Cyclocross, Kansas City, MO - In 25 degree weather with ice, snow, and mud, Celo Pacific's Brent Prenzlow finished 2nd, :16 behind Steve Tilford. John Behrens finished 10th place. Full Results here. Photos here. article.

12/3/06 - Piru TT - Paul Miller was 3rd in Masters 50-59.

12/2/06 - Missouri State CX Championships - Brief Results: 1st - Steve Tilford, 2nd - Brent Prenzlow, 3rd - Bjorn Selander .. 6th - John Behrens.

11/29/06 - Added new photo set from Turkey Trot Cross.

11/28/06 - Read John Bailey's race report from Turkey Trot Cross.

11/26/06 - Turkey Trot Cross (So Cal Prestige Series #7) - In the 1/2/3s, Brent Prenzlow wins his 3rd consecutive Turkey Trot Cross, while John Behrens takes 5th! Other top finishes - Mark Campaigne wins the Cat 4s, Jeff Herring is 2nd in the 35+, Chuck Morris 2nd in the 45+, and John Bailey finishes 3rd in the 3/4s. Full results here. A Test of Stamina article from Glendale News-Press.

11/24/06 - Tom's Farm TT, Paul Miller places 2nd in the Masters 50-59.

11/18/06 - US Gran Prix #5 - Rad Racing Cup of Cyclocross, Lakewood, WA - Brief Results: 1st - Ryan Trebon, 2nd - Tim Johnson, 3rd - Geoff Kabush .. 21st - Brent Prenzlow, .. 54th - John Behrens. In the Men's Cat 3 race, John Bailey was 15th. Jeff Herring placed 40th in the Masters 35+.

11/12/06 - So Cal CX Prestige Series #6, Bakersfield, Day 2 - Celo Pacific takes 4 wins (Brent Prenzlow, 1/2/3, Didier Jordain, 3/4, Mark Campaigne, 4, Jeff Herring, 35+).

11/11/06 - So Cal CX Prestige Series #5, Bakersfield, Day 1 - Celo Pacific takes 4 wins (Brent Prenzlow, 1/2/3, John Bailey, 3/4, Mark Campaigne, 4, Chuck Morris, 45+).

11/11/06 - Santiago Cyn TT, Paul Miller places 4th in the Masters 50-59.

11/8/06 - Ventura Convert Cross photos and slide show are posted here.

11/7/06 - Celo Pacific riders at the US Gran Prix Colorado - Photos by Mitch Clinton are posted.

11/7/06 - Read John Bailey's race report from Ventura Convert Cross.

11/5/06 - US Gran Prix #4 - Boulder Cup, Colorado - Brent Prenzlow finished 22nd and John Behrens 51st.

11/5/06 - Convert Cross, Ventura (SoCal Prestige #4) - Brief Results - Men 3/4 - John Bailey 2nd, Didier Jourdain 3rd, Phillip Gray 5th. Master 45+ - Chuck Morris 1st.

11/4/06 - US Gran Prix #3 - Xilinx Cup, Longmont, Colorado - Brent Prenzlow finished 29th and John Behrens 55th in a tough 100+ rider Elite field (Cat 1 UCI race).

10/31/06 - Boulder UCI CX - Slide show of the Pro Men's race here.

10/29/06 - Boulder UCI CX - Brief Results - 1. Todd Wells (GT), 2. Joachim Parbo (Denmark), 3. Jonathan Baker, 4. Erik Tonkin (Kona) ... 11. Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Salsa). Full Results posted.

10/28/06 - So Cal CX Prestige Series #3, Veteran's Park/Sylmar - Brief Results: Brent Prenzlow wins the Men's 1/2/3 race with John Behrens 4th. Chuck Morris won the 45+. In the Men's 3/4, Didier Jourdain took the win with Phillip Gray 3rd and Mark Campaigne 6th. Complete results are here.

10/20/06 - The best local (Carlsbad) singletrack trail network (aka Flightline) has been closed! Please visit and sign the petition to save the trails and sign up for the newsletter to stay informed.

10/19/06 - Celo Pacific photo page updated with Ohio photos.

10/17/06 - report and full results from UCI Ohio. Some good photos of the Elite Men's race.

10/15/06 - Bio Wheels/United Dairy Farmers UCI Cross, Cincinnati, Ohio - Brief Results, 40 starters - 1. Michael Cody (MA, Fiordifrutta) 2. Doug Swanson (MN, Trek) 3. Tristan Schoutan (WI, Trek/VW) 4. Brent Prenzlow (CA, Celo Pacific/Salsa) 5. Chris McGovern (CA, Sonic) .. 18. John Behrens (CA, Celo Pacific)

10/15/06 - Tom's Farm TT, Paul Miller places 2nd in the Masters 50-59.

10/14/06 - Java Johnny's Lionhearts GP, Middletown, Ohio - Brief Results, 37 starters - 1. Tristan Schoutan (WI, Trek/VW) 2. Michael Cody (MA, Fiordifrutta) 3. Brent Prenzlow (CA, Celo Pacific/Salsa) 4. Chris McGovern (CA, Sonic) 5. Ryan Leech (PA, Meredith Group-Cannondale) .. 14. John Behrens (CA, Celo Pacific)

10/14/06 - Santiago Cyn TT, Paul Miller places 6th in the Masters 50-59.

10/8/06 - Fiesta Island TT, San Diego - Paul Miller places 2nd in the Masters 50-59 and was 24th overall out of 128 starters. Also racing were Elliott Doyle (5th Masters 30-39, 13th overall), Dan Breyer (7th, Cat 4/5, 32nd overall), Jens Raz (8th Cat 4/5, 35th overall), and Drew Engelmann (10th, 30-39, 59th overall).

10/5/06 - Click here for Daily Peleton report and race photos from Bonelli Park.

10/2/06 - Added some Muckenthaler photos by Richard here. Photos from Bonelli Park are up. View John Bailey's winning 3/4 race report & Photos.

10/1/06 - SC Velo Cyclocross (SoCal Prestige #2) - John Bailey won the Cat 3/4 despite a lead pack pileup. Didier Jourdan flatted in that crash, but still salvaged 7th. Chuck Morris won the 45+! Cat 1/2/3 - Brent Prenzlow was 3rd and John Behrens 4th. Cat 4 - Mark Campaigne, 2nd; Matt Sheremeta 3rd and Chris Riordan 5th. 35+: Chris Gallup, 4th. Lee Willmore was 4th in the singlespeed.

9/27/06 - New Photos from UCI CX Michigan, Day 2 are posted.

9/24/06 - UCI CX Michigan, Day 2 - Brent Prenzlow, 4th; John Behrens, 12th out of a strong 40 rider field. The course was a tricky one - slippery and muddy with lots of off-cambers. Jon Baker from Colorado took with win. He raced on the US CX World's team last January. Results are now posted.

9/23/06 - UCI CX Michigan, Day 1 - The Celo team flew into Detroit Friday night, but their bikes got left in Denver! The gear showed up at 3:30 Saturday (the race started at 3:00) so they were not able to start.

9/21/06 - Celo Pacific cross racers John Behrens & Brent Prenzlow travel to Detroit, Michigan tomorrow for the first 2 UCI cyclocross races in the U.S. this season. Check back to see how they fare. Meanwhile, the SoCal CX Prestige series takes a week off and returns Oct 1 at Bonelli Park in San Dimas. See ya there!

9/20/06 - Muckenthaler Cross:

9/18/06 - Muckenthaler Cross - Thanks to everyone who came to Fullerton for the race and to the Muckenthaler Cultural Center for being such a great and supportive venue. We all had a blast! 

9/17/06 - Muckenthaler Cross - many excellent Celo Pacific rides including wins by Brent Prenzlow (1/2/3), Didier Jourdain (3/4), and Matt Sheremeta (4). Other high finishes by John Bailey, 2nd (3/4); Doug Miller, 3rd (55+), Chuck Morris, 4th (45+), Phillip Gray, 5th (3/4), Chris Riordan, 6th (Mens 4).

9/16/06 - Mount Charleston Hill Climb, Las Vegas - Matt Sheremeta took 2nd place in the Cat 4/5 and 12th overall.

9/10/06 - The SoCal Cyclocross Prestige Series kicks off this Sunday in Fullerton. Celo Pacific will be putting on the Muckenthaler Cross. Expect a super cool race course. The course consists of approx. 85% grass and 15% pavement. There are rolling hills with lots of twists and turns. A few fast decents and off-cambers complete a fun cross course. Expect minimal running with 1 barrier section and 1 natural "step-up" obstacle behind the amphitheatre.

9/4/06 - Around 50 riders attended the cyclocross clinic in Fullerton hosted by Celo Pacific. The beautiful Muckenthaler grounds were an ideal setting for the clinic and SoCal riders left excited for the start of the race season here on Sept 17th. Click here to view Mandy's slide show of the clinic to see what the course is like (see Photos, Photos 2 and Photos 3 on top).

8/27/06 - Rim Nordic MTB Race - Mark Campaigne finishes 5th (Sport, 35-39) & Clare Campaigne takes 2nd (Beginner 35-39).

8/20/06 - CBR State Criterium Champs - David Bales placed 8th (Master 40+, 4/5).

8/13/06 - Mark J. Reynolds Mtn Bike Stage race @ Rim Nordic - Mark Campaigne finishes 2nd overall (Sport, 35-39), Clare Campaigne is 1st overall (Beginner 35-39). Dan Breyer raced in the XC and placed 6th (Singlespeed).

8/12/06 - Muckenthaler Cyclocross Race Information is now available.

8/5/06 - The 9th annual Sisquoc Road Race and California/Nevada Junior Championships - Didier Jourdain took 5th place.

7/30/06 - Rim Nordic Mtn Bike XC #2 - Mark Campaigne finishes 4th (Sport, 35-39). Results here.

7/29/06 - Snow Bowl Hill Climb, Flagstaff, AZ - Celo Pacific's Matt Sheremeta finished 4th (Cat 4). Results here.

7/23/06 - CBR LA Wings Criterium - David Bales placed 6th (Master 40+, 4/5).

7/16/06 - Mt Lemmon Hill Climb, Tuscon, AZ - Matt Sheremeta placed 3rd (Cat 4).

7/9/06 - Dash For Cash Criterium Results - David Bales placed 13th (Cat 4) and 5th (Master 40+, 4/5).

6/25/06 - The Cedars-Sinai Grand Prix (at West L.A. College) - Didier Jourdain took a fine 4th place in the Juniors 15-16. Results here. Photos at:

6/23 - 25 - Elkhorn Classic Stage Race, Baker City, Oregon - Celo Pacific riders  Brent Prenzlow and John Behrens finished 11th and 19th respectively in the Pro/1/2 g.c. over this 3-day, 4 stage event. Results:

  1. Oregon Trail Road Race, 73 miles - Prenzlow 10th, Behrens 11th (@ 0:30)
  2. Pleasant Valley Time Trial, 10 miles - Prenzlow 34th (@ 2:42), Behrens 40th (@ 2:54)
  3. Gold Rush Downtown Criterium, 60 minutes - Behrens 21st, Prenzlow 67th (@ 0:00 same time)
  4. Dooley Mountain Road Race, 101 miles - Prenzlow 7th (@ 0:58), Behrens 24th (@ 4:16)

6/23 - 25 - Cyclovets Omnium Stage Race - Race Results here. John Bailey's Race Report and Photos. Celo Pacific team results:

  • John Bailey, 10th, Cat 4 (6th TT, 18th RR, 10th Crit)
  • Dietrich Lamprecht, 1st, Masters 80+ (1st TT, 1st RR, 1st Crit)
  • Jens Raz, 12th, Cat 5 (13th TT, 10th RR, 12th Crit)
  • Chan Huynh, 5th, Masters 35+ 4/5 (11th TT, 1st RR, 13th Crit)
  • David Bales, 12th, Masters 35+ 4/5 (4th Crit)

6/24/06 - Vail Lake XC #2 - Robert Oldfield finished 3rd (Sport, 40-49). Results here.

6/18/06 - CA State Road Race Championships (110 miles) - Vandenburg AFB, Lompoc - Brent Prenzlow finishes 6th (Pro/1/2) and John Behrens 17th (Pro/1/2). John Bailey places 14th (Cat 4). Results posted here.

6/18/06 - Low Tide Ride & Stride, Coronado - Matt Hale takes 5th overall (4th in class). Results here.

6/11/06 - Glendale Criterium - John Behrens takes 5th (Men 30+ 1/2/3).

6/4/06 - CBR Costa Mesa Criterium - David Bales, 2nd (Cat 4) & 20th (Masters 40+ 4/5) - David Bales warmed up in the early morning by entering the 40+ Cat 4/5 race. He placed 20th, just really trying to get the blood flow rolling. Then in the later morning Cat 4 race, David was right there in the mix. A solo flyer by Juan Cisneros of DeWalt racing earned him the win, well clear of the field. In the ensuing field sprint for the remaining podium positions David positioned himself well, and digging deep into his cyclocross roots won the field sprint for 2nd.

6/1/06 - Jim Cushing-murray, Celo Pacific's racer in Colorado finished third in the 65+ category of the Cherry Creek time trial series.  This series is held in Denver every Wednesday evening for seven consecutive weeks. It is an amazing event: there are 480 starters and 120 on the waiting list. The 10.5 mile course is held in a park but on roads open to both auto and other bike traffic.  Surprisingly, there are no problems. Riders have the same number and start time for the series and start at 20 second intervals. I thought I had it tough in San Diego but here my class has the current time trial, road and criterium champions and the 70+ time trial champion.

5/24/06 - Del Mar Fairgrounds Crit #4 - John Behrens takes 3rd (Cat 1/2/3), while John Bailey places 7th (Cat 4).  Photos posted here.

5/21/06 - San Clemente Circuit Race - John Bailey, 16th (Cat 4). Click here to view photos from the Cat 4 race.

5/14/06 - Fallen Law Officer Crit, Dominguez Hills - David Bales, 10th (Masters 40+ 4/5) & 18th (Cat 4).

5/14/06 - Ontario Crit #3 - John Behrens finishes 18th (Pro/1/2) and 10th (Masters 30+); John Bailey, 15th (Cat 4); Doug Miller, 17th (Masters 55+), John Magnanti 18th (Masters 55+) and 5th (Masters 60+).

5/14/06 - Fiesta Island TT, San Diego - Jens Raz, 4th (Cat 4) and Matt Sheremeta, 5th (Cat 4).

5/13/06 - State Time Trial, Lake Los Angeles - Paul Miller took 13th in the Masters 50-59.

5/8/06 - Race photos are now available online - visit to see all the racers. Photo set of Celo racers is posted here.

5/7/06 - Mark Reynolds San Luis Rey Road Cycling Classic - Thanks to everyone who came out and volunteered or raced! Results are posted here.

Congrats to Celo Pacific race winners Chan Huynh (Cat 4) and Dietrich Lamprecht (Masters 70+)! Other top finishes for the home team: Brent Prenzlow, 6th (Cat 2), John Behrens, 9th (Cat 2), Tom Thibadeau, 11th (Cat 5b), John Magnanti, 15th (Masters 60+), Alex Ter-Vrugt, 19th (Masters 35+), Matt Sheremeta, 25th (Cat 4), John Bailey, 26th (Cat 4).

4/30/06 - Firestone Walker Classic, Mtb XC race - Mark Campaigne places 14th (Sport 35-39).

4/30/06 - Fiesta Island TT, San Diego - Paul Miller places 7th in the Masters 50-59 and wins the SoCal TT Series, Masters 50-59 field. Congrats Paul!

4/29/06 - Devil's Punchbowl RR - Glen Masuda placed 8th (Masters 40+, 4/5).

4/27/06 - Mark Reynolds San Luis Rey Road Cycling Classic is part of the new Women's Cycling Challenge, which kicks off May 6th in San Diego. Visit for more details.

4/22-23/06 - Conquer the Canyons Stage Race, Westlake Village, CA - A timed stage race consisting of a 4 mile hillclimb TT, a 60 minute circuit race, and a hilly 63 mile road race - Brent Prenzlow finished 17th g.c. and John Behrens was 31st g.c. (Pro/1/2). Results here.

4/23/06 - El Cajon Crit - David Bales placed 10th (Masters 40+, 4/5). Doug Miller, 11th (55+), John Bailey 16th (Cat 4), and Chan Huynh 18th (Cat 4).

4/16/06 - Ontario Crit #2 - John Behrens places 7th (Masters 30+ 1/2/3) and John Magnanti places 5th (Masters 60+).

4/16/06 - Dominguez Hills Criterium - David Bales, 7th (Masters 40+, 4/5)

4/9/06 - Imperial Classic Criterium - John Behrens wins the Cat 1/2/3 race! New member John Bailey places 2nd (Cat 4).

4/9/06 - Sea Otter Classic - Chuck Morris places 6th in XC Mtb (45-49 Expert) while Lee Willmore finishes 14th (60+ Sport/Expert).

4/8/06 - Santiago Cyn TT, Paul Miller places 1st in the Masters 50-59.

4/2/06 - Sagebrush Safari Mtb, Lake Morena - Mark Campaigne wins the Beginner 35-39 category.

3/26/06 - Kern TT, Bakersfield - Paul Miller places 1st in the Masters 50-59.

3/19/06 - San Dimas Stage Race - Chan Huynh places 14th g.c. (Cat 4). Results are posted.

3/12/06 - Clif Bar/Clif Shot Criterium - David Bales 12th (Masters 40+, 4/5), Ron Woodruff 13th (Masters 50+)

3/5/06 - Fiesta Island TT, San Diego - Paul Miller places 5th in the Masters 50-59 and was 24th overall out of 116 starters. Also racing were Elliott Doyle (8th Masters 30-39, 41st overall), Jens Raz Van Ullrich (8th Cat 4/5, 42nd overall), and Dan Vinokourov Breyer (14th, Cat 4/5, 69th overall).  Results are posted here.

3/4/06 - Camp Pendleton Road Race - Robert Oldfield places 11th (Men 50-54). Results are posted here. Looks like Flyin' Brian Lopes (Pro downhill mtb'er) took the Mens his journal entry here.

3/4/06 - Mountain Bike Cross Country racing returns to Vail Lake Resort on March 18th! Located near Temecula, this venue has provided some great local racing in the past with a scenic course and nice resort amenities (bar/deli) for post-race enjoyment. Click here for details

3/1/06 - Mark Reynolds San Luis Rey Road Cycling Classic is coming May 7th. Now available - Course Map and Course Profile! Flyer coming soon.

2/26/06 - Kern TT, Bakersfield - Paul Miller places 1st in the Masters 50-59.

2/26/06 - Ontario Crit #1 - John Magnanti places 1st (60+). John also placed 11th in the 55+! Results are posted.

2/21/06 - There is a new local criterium series coming to Del Mar this April and May. Thanks to Swamis for creating this 4-race event -- click here for all the information.

2/18/06 - Santiago Cyn TT, Paul Miller places 2nd in the Masters 50-59.

2/15/06 - Cush's European Cyclocross Trip Report is posted.

2/12/06 - Roger Milikan / St. Valentine's Crit - John Magnanti places 3rd (70+). Results here.

2/6/06 - 2006 Celo Pacific Membership form is posted here. Please renew if you have not done so. Thanks.

2/5/06 - Piru TT, Paul Miller is 3rd, Masters 50+. Results here.

2/5/06 - Red Trolley Criterium - Jens Raz places 10th (Cat 5). Results here.

2/4/06 - Boulevard Road Race - Chan Huynh places 9th (Cat 4). Results are posted

1/29/06 - Ride It Like You Stole It Criterium, L.A. - David Bales places 7th (Masters 40+, 4/5).

1/29/06 - World CX Championships, Zeddam, Netherlands - Congrats to Jon Page with a 10th place finish, which is the top US-Elite result ever. Story here. Ann Knapp was the top US-woman coming in 9th. Story here.

1/28/06 - World CX Championships, Zeddam, Netherlands - So Cal racer Chance Noble finishes 29th in the Junior race; Bjorn Selander is 7th! Story here.

1/21/06 - Masters World CX Championships, Mol, Belgium - Jim Cushing-Murray places 9th (64+ category). Results posted. Noteable 3rd place finish by U.S. Texan rider Will Black (35-39).

1/17/06 - Celo Pacific cross racers John Behrens and Brent Prenzlow are on the cover of the Jan/Feb 2006 Southern California Bicyclist magazine. Click here to view the cover.

1/15/06 - Tom's Farm TT - Paul Miller placed 2nd (Masters 50+) and continues to lead the SoCal TT series, 50+.

1/8/06 - Piru TT - Paul Miller was 5th in Masters 50-59.


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