Palomar Mountain Hill Climb Race
presented by Swami's
Sunday, April 20, 2008

Celo Pacific riders Brent Prenzlow and Phillip Gray

Cliff Clermont, who rode out with Brent beginning from coastal Carlsbad, hangs out with the Swami's before the start.

The "A Group" starts up the 12 mile, 4200' climb. The B & C groups started 5 and 10 minutes ahead.

Around 3 miles up the 76, the leaders roll by as Brent takes a pull followed by 3 Swami's riders

Up, up, and up the 76

Phillip Gray comes through at the 3 mile point.

Further up the climb on the South Grade, the fog was thick in the areas burned in last October's wildfire.

Brent took the lead alone shortly after beginning the South Grade Rd.

The fog got even thicker up around 4000'. Visibility was 10-20 yards.

Nearing the 5000' mark, riders broke through the clouds and fog and into the sunshine!

Brent is up and out of the saddle for the last mile of the climb.

The top is reached in 1:02:40!

Phillip finished in 1:09:55 in his first time up the climb! - results are posted below:

Cat Start Time Finish Time Net Time Place Points Comments
Brent Prenzlow HC 0:19:00 1:21:40 1:02:40 1 10  
Bob Rosemeyer A 0:19:00 1:24:24 1:05:24 1 10  
Jim Armstrong A 0:19:00 1:26:28 1:07:28 2 8  
Cameron A 0:19:00 1:28:11 1:09:11 3 6  
Phillip Gray A 0:19:00 1:28:55 1:09:55 4 5  
Fred Muir A 0:19:00 1:31:41 1:12:41 5 4 had to fix a flat
Steve Masterson A 0:19:00 1:31:41 1:12:41 5 4  
Geoff Doyle A 0:19:00 1:31:51 1:12:51 7 2  
Joe Pusl A 0:05:00 1:18:51 1:13:51 8 1  
Chance Whitaker A 0:19:00 1:33:19 1:14:19 9 1  
Rick Sarles A 0:19:00 1:33:19 1:14:19 9 1  
Andy Parr A 0:19:00 1:38:12 1:19:12 11 1  
Ted Rupp A 0:19:00 1:48:59 1:29:59 12 1  
Scott Hammack A ~ 0:20:00 1:28:25 1:08:25 - 1 Started late ...
Cliff Clermont A 0:19:00 dnf n/a - 1  
Perry Crutchfield B 0:12:00 1:30:20 1:18:20 1 10  
Zach Little B 0:12:00 1:31:05 1:19:05 2 8  
Tim Duncan B 0:12:00 1:33:00 1:21:00 3 6  
Andy Green B 0:12:00 1:33:00 1:21:00 3 6  
Roger Gureczny B 0:12:00 1:36:32 1:24:32 5 4  
Todd Nelson B 0:12:00 1:38:45 1:26:45 6 3  
Ron Berry B 0:12:00 1:39:01 1:27:01 7 2  
Ginger Crutchfield 0:05:00 1:34:38 1:29:38 1 10  
Roger Lakey 0:05:00 1:38:25 1:33:25 2 8  

Report from the Swami's team:

This was the first time that the club has tackled the famed South Grade as a club race.  The start was at the fruit stand at the corner of 76 and Valley Center Road across from the Mexican restaurant/store.  We climbed up 76 and then turned left on to South Grade Road at the "Y", continuing up to just before the yield sign at the top, across the street from the Palomar store.  Many current and former greats have used this "store to store" climb as a training ground and as a fitness barometer.  Legend has it that Greg Lemond climbed it in 49 minutes and that Floyd Landis used to do repeats at around 52 or 53 minutes a crack.  Okay, back to earth now.  Weather was a little on the cold side and foggy/cloudy.  At the top, the clouds had burned off and we had sunshine!

In the C's, Ginger Crutchfield (encouraged to come out to her 1st event by her husband Perry) did an awesome ride and came in at 1:29:38.

In the B's, Perry brought home the goods for the husband-wife double win in 1:18:20.

In the A's, Bob Rosemeyer powered up the course (his first time ever on this climb he says) in a stunning 1:05:24.  He told me he needed a new pair of gloves before the race, and knowing that we have some for prizes was apparently enough motivation.  Jim Armstrong came in 2nd at 1:07:28.  Special note should be made that Fred Muir did a 1:12:41 which included fixing a flat on the road.  Also, this was Chance's first time up his favorite mountain since his crash at Del Mar.  Welcome back, Chance!

In the HC's, expert all-around rider (cyclocross, mountain bike, and road) Brent Prenzlow did the best time of the day in 1:02:40.  Luckily the starting time gaps were large enough so that he didn't catch the race director (who started with the C group).

Special thanks go out to Swami Jeff Shi and his wife Huibo for volunteering at the race.  They provided support for sign in, sag, and problem-free timekeeping.