US Cyclocross Nationals
Kansas City, MO

Celo Pacific's Brent Prenzlow, 6th (40-44). photo by Mitch Clinton.

Upcoming Events
Jan 3 Group Ride - Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Inland Elfin Forest route.
Jan 10 Group Ride - Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Northbound Camp Pendleton route
Jan 17 Group Ride -Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Inland Circle R route
Jan 24 Group Ride - Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Northbound Camp Pendleton route

2008 News & Results

12/21 -  SCPS #12/Finals, Santa Cross, Woodland Hills - Celo Pacific finished up the series team competition in 3rd overall. Great job everyone! Look for our trophy at the January club meeting. Brent Prenzlow won the Elite Men's 1/2/3 race and also took the overall series title and jersey. Full Results are here. Series overall results: Individual & Team Points.

12/15 -  Urban CX #4, Palos Verdes - Annette Padilla was 3rd in the Women's 1/2/3. Series results are here. Podium photo here.

12/11-14 -  US Cyclocross Nationals, Kansas City - Celo Pacific's Lee Willmore finishes an excellent 3rd in the Masters 65-59! Brent Prenzlow was 6th (Masters 40-44). Full Results are here. BP's Race Report - I'm not going to Nationals, but Jeff is!

12/8 -  Toys For Tots drop next Saturday, 12/13 - We plan to drop off toys at the front gate as we enter the base. The club will have toys for members to take at the
beginning of the ride but if you can contribute a new unopened toy as well, that would be greatly appreciated. This is a great way for the club to help those less fortunate and to express our appreciation to the Marines for access to the base for rides and races.

12/8 -  Club Meeting & Brunch at Grand Deli next Saturday, 12/13 after the club ride. It will be a chance to turn in your clothing order and to ask questions about next years cloths. As usual the club will purchase breakfast for those attending. Otherwise, send it in to the club mailbox this week!

12/7 -  SCPS #11, High Desert CX, Palmdale - Brent Prenzlow won the Elite Men's 1/2/3 and Singlespeed 1/2/3 races. Griffith Vertican was 3rd (Men's 3/4). In Masters 35+ 3/4s, Glenn Masuda was 3rd and David Lawson 8th - read his race report here. In the Womens 35+, Dinorah Lawson was 4th and Annette Padilla 5th. Don Elling finished 6th (55+). Full results here.

11/30 -  SCPS #10, Turkey Trot CX, Glendale - Brent Prenzlow took home the 'Title Belt' winning the Elite Men's 1/2/3 for the 5th year. Jeff Sanford was 2nd in the 35+ 1/2/3. In the 3/4's, Glenn Masuda and Griffith Vertican finished 4th & 6th. Richard Murphy was 13th, Roberto Jourdain 19th, and David Bales 23rd in the 45+. For many more...Full Results are posted here. Photo set by Mark C. posted here.

11/23 -  SCPS #9, SCNCA District CX Championships, Irvine Lake, Orange - Brent Prenzlow defends his title in a sprint finish with Chance Noble to win the Elite Men's 1/2/3. Griffith Vertican was a bronze medalist (Cat 3s). In Masters 35+, Jeff Sanford led the guys in 7th with Phillip Gray, Alex Ter-Vrught, and Mark Campaigne in 9, 10, and 12th. Dinorah Lawson was 7th in Women 35+ and David Lawson 11th in the 35+ 3/4s. For more - Full Results are here. Race Report here. Race photo set by Heather Breyer.

11/22 -  SCPS #8, Cross Religion, Irvine Lake, Orange - Brent Prenzlow win the Elite Mens 1/2/3. Full Results are here. For photos, go to Dave Lawson's flickr page. Dave won the "SCPS #8 Photo Contest" for his "Ultimate Crosser" photo.

11/16 -  Urban CX #3, Camp James, Irvine - On a very hot and dry day, Brent Prenzlow rode to a win in the Elite Men's 1/2/3 field after warming up with a singlespeed victory. Mark Campaigne was in the money (top 6) if the Masters 35+ race. More detailed results coming soon.

11/9 -  UCI Dam Cross & SCPS #7, Los Angeles (Hanson Dam) - Brent Prenzlow finished 7th in the UCI Elite Men's field. Griffith Vertcan took 3rd (Mens 3/4) and Alex Ter-Vrught was 6th (Masters 35+ 1/2/3). More results, reports, and info here:

11/8 -  C.I.C.L.E. Cross (SCPS #6) - Brent Prenzlow won the Elite Men's 1/2/3 to regain the series lead after missing the 5th race while in Colorado. Phillip Gray took 6th and Mark Campaigne 8th (35+ 1/2/3), Dinorah Lawson was 5th and Annette Padilla 7th (Women 35+), David Lawson 7th (Masters 35+ 3/4), Lee Willmore 5th and Don Elling 6th (55+), Griffith Vertican 10th (3/4), and in the Juniors Madeline Campaigne 2nd and Drew Campaigne was 3rd. Full results are here.

11/2 -  UCI Boulder Cup, Day 2 (Harlow Platts Park) - Brent Prenzlow finished 17th out of a tough 90 rider field. Full results and report are here.

11/2 - Cross Convert (SCPS #5), Ventura - David Lawson, 3rd (Singlespeed 4), Lee Willmore, 5th (55+), Don Elling, 6th (55+), Alex Ter-Vrught, 6th (Masters 35+ 1/2/3), Glen Masuda, 6th (Masters 35+ 3/4), Dinorah Lawson, 7th (Women 35+), Annette Padilla, 8th (Women 35+)...Full results are now posted. Photos by Ben Jones here.

11/1 -  UCI Boulder Cup, Day 1 (Boulder Res) - Brent Prenzlow finished 16th out of a strong 75 rider field. Full results and report are here.

10/31 -  Storm The Beach! Pictures by Richard Murphy have been added here.

10/28 - Volunteer Appreciation Lunch at the Grand Deli after the NOV 15th Group Ride - If you worked the Muck and/or StB Cross races, please attend for a free lunch on the club. If not, feel free to come .. just pick up your own tab.

10/25 - Spooky Night Cross (SCPS #4), Irvine - Top 5 results include Brent Prenzlow, 1st (Singlespeed 1/2/3), Ben Jones, 3rd (35+ 1/2/3), Griffith Vertican, 3rd (3/4), Dinorah Lawson, 4th (Women 35+), Brent Prenzlow, 5th (Elite 1/2/3), Alex T-V, 5th (35+ 1/2/3).

10/19 - Storm The Beach! (SoCal CX Prestige Series #3), Red Beach (Camp Pendleton) - A Big Thanks to all the Celo Pacific volunteers for putting on another great race. The course was especially tough this year with high tide affecting most of the races. The team had many good results led by Brent Prenzlow's win in the Elite 1/2/3, and Ben Jones, 3rd (Masters 35+ 1/2/3).

10/19 - Tom's Farm Time Trial, Corona - Paul Miller finishes 3rd (Masters 50+).

10/16 - SoCal CX gets ready to Storm the Beach, Belgium style - Read the press release here.

10/12 - Fall Classic, Big Bear - Griffith Vertican won the Expert Men's 30-34 while Ben Jones finished 4th. Mark Salmon wrapped up the overall series win in the Clydesdale Sport 35+. Full Results here. Two words come to mind when describing the 2008 Fall Classic. FREAKING FREEZING!! Click to read more...

10/12 - BioWheels/United Dairy Farmers Harbin Park Cross (UCI C1), Cincinnati, OH - Brent Prenzlow finished 17th on another very hot day. The course was fast and tough. Report and Full Results are posted here.

10/12 - Urban Cyclocross, Palos Verdes - Mark Campaigne 3rd Place (Masters 40+). Full results are here.

10/12 - Palomar Challenge Hill Climb, (East Grade) - Matt Sheremeta was 2nd overall despite starting late and racing in cold, windy, and misty conditions. Results will be here.

10/11 - Java Johnny's Lionhearts Cyclocross (UCI C2), Middletown, OH - Brent Prenzlow finished 11th on a very hot and dry day. The circuit was fast and fun. Cyclingnews report here. Photo set here.

10/10 - Cyclo Stampede Cross (UCI C2), Burlington, KY - Brent Prenzlow took 11th on a very bumpy and dry course. CyclingNews report here.

10/5 - Psycho Cross, Costa Mesa - A good day of racing led by Brent Prenzlow's second series win in the Elite 1/2/3 race in a sprint finish over Chance Noble.

10/1 - Storm The Beach! - Race Flyer and Course Map are now available. Please note the schedule changes.

9/28 - Mt Graham Hill Climb (AZ State Champs) - Matt Sheremeta wins the Cat 4s! Full results are here.

9/24 - Cross Vegas! Las Vegas - Brent Prenzlow finished 27th out of a super stacked 100 rider field including Lance Armstrong. Cyclingnews photo, results, and velonews report. Nice video recap here. Ben & Dave L drove out to watch the race. Trip Report here. Ben's Vegas photos here.

9/21 - Art of Cross @ Muckenthaler - Thanks to everyone who volunteered to make the race a success -- We had a great day with a record number of participants racing on the best course we've had there!

Lots of good Celo Pacific results including Brent Prenzlow (1st, Elite Men), Ben Jones (2nd, 35+ 1/2/3), Dinorah Lawson (3rd, Womens 35+), Thad Sparrow (4th, SS), Alex T-V (7th, 35+ 1/2/3), Mark Campaigne (8th, 35+ 1/2/3), Mark Hoover (8th, SS) and many more ... full results here. Race report is posted.

A few photos taken by Ben Jones are posted here.

9/15 - Cyclocross Clinic is tomorrow at B&L - 5:30pm for a ride/practice/clinic and 7:00 at the shop for post-ride festivites. Flyer is here.

8/30 - Mt Charleston Hill Climb, Nevada - Matt Sheremeta was 1st (Cat 4) and 11th overall. Results are here.

8/25 - the Muckenthaler CX Race Flyer has been updated. Please take note of the upgrade chart on page 2.

8/20 -  CX/Mtb Group Ride scheduled for this Sunday, Aug 24th in Camp Pendleton. Click here for details.

8/17 - Kitt Peak Hill Climb, Arizona - Matt Sheremeta was 1st (Cat 4) and 6th overall. This race is an 11.6 mile hill climb time trial up to the Kitt Peak National Observatory. Vertical gain is 3400 feet. Results here.

8/17 - Rim Nordic Mtb XC #4 (Finals), Runnings Springs - Ben Jones was 2nd, Expert 30-34 and the overall series winner. Full results are here.

8/10 - Ladera Criterium - Chan Huynh was 5th (Cat 3) and 18th (Masters 30+). Phiilip Gray took 27th (M 30+). Results here.

8/10 - Mt Lemmon Hill Climb, Tuscon, AZ - Matt Sheremeta was 2nd (Cat 4) and 17th overall. Results here.

8/4 - the Muckenthaler CX Race Flyer has been updated. Please take note of the new schedule. We have also increased the cash prize purse thanks to the support of Hoover & Nebrig!

7/30 - The Camp Pendleton Bike Route has reopened at Las Pulgas and the Sat Northbound Camp Pendleton route is on for this weekend - Aug 2nd.

7/23 - The Camp Pendleton Bike Route is Closed at Las Pulgas area until 7/29. The Sat ride route will need to be altered/changed. Check back for updated details.

7/22 - The Art of Cross @ the Muckenthaler race flyer is now available (pdf format). Just 2 months to go! Muckenthaler will be the kick-off to the '08 SoCal cross season and is the first event in the SoCal Prestige Series. Don't miss this great race!

7/21 - Ontario Crit - Congrats to John Genovese, the Masters 30+ 4/5 winner! Jason Hock was involved in a crash during the Cat 3 sprint, but is ok except for a lot of road rash. Good luck sleeping Jason! Full results here.

7/14- Help improve local bike routes! SANDAG is asking local cyclists to fill out an online survey to help the agency develop a detailed bike route plan for the area. The survey is at  SANDAG wants to know about gaps in the current route system, along with travel patterns and related issues.

7/12-13 - Mark J. Reynolds Memorial S.R. & Rim Nordic Mtb XC #2, Runnings Springs - Ben Jones 1st place overall Expert 30-34 (1st Hill Climb; 2nd mtb crit; 1st XC). Mark Campaigne 1st place overall Expert 35-39 (1st Hill Climb; 1st mtb crit; 6th XC). Alex Ter-Vrught, 5th, XC Expert 35-39. Full results here.

7/12 - Aliso Viejo Grand Prix - Phillip Gray, 9th (Masters 30+ 3/4). Full Results.

7/6 - Paramount Criterium, Dominguez Hills - John Genovese was 13th (Cat 4). Full results here.

6/29 - Manhattan Beach Grand Prix - In the Cat 4s, Jason Hock nearly won the race finishing 2nd just .03 seconds off the winning pace. Jason has earned his upgrade points to Cat 3 and is moving up now. Congrats. Full results here.

6/28 - Climb to Kaiser - David Lawson completed this very difficult 155 mile climbing event (13,500' gain) in 11:53, which was good for 34th place. The temps were "nice and cool" at 99 degrees, plus the recent NorCal fire breakout had a major effect -> See "Kaiser riders braved unhealthy conditions!" and Full Results are now posted here.

6/28 - Green Trolley Criterium, San Diego - Chan Huynh took 16th (Cat 3) and John Genovese was 15th (Cat 4). Chan and John were also 14th & 15th in the 30+, 3/4s, with Jens Raz 17th. Full results here.

6/22 - SCNCA State Criterium, San Pedro - Chan Huynh took 25th (Cat 3) and Jason Hock was 9th (Cat 4). Full results here.

6/22 - Rim Nordic Mtb XC #1, Runnings Springs - Mark Campaigne was 3rd (expert 35-39) and new member Ben Jones took 4th (Expert 30-34). Full Results are posted.  Rim Nordic's Summer Relief, race recap

6/22 - Mt Diablo Hill climb TT - Corey Arballo took 22nd (Cat 4). Check out the full results here.

6/21 - La Mirada Grand Prix - Chan Huynh took 13th (Cat 3) and John Genovese was 29th (Cat 4). Full results here.

6/15 - Bicycle John's Criterium, Glendale - Jason Hock was 10th (Cat 4). Results available here.

6/8 - CBR State Criterium, Chula Vista - Jason Hock was 10th (Cat 4) and John Genovese 12th. David Lawson took 12th (40+, 4/5s). Full Results not yet available.

6/8 - Santa Barbara Bike Fest, CA State Mtb Series #5 - Mark Salmon was 6th (Sport Clydesdale 35+) and leads his division overall with 2 races remaining.

5/31 - Big Bear Shootout, CA State Mtb Series #4 - Mark Campaigne did his first expert 35-39 race and finished 6th. Mark Salmon was 2nd (Sport Clydesdale 35+) and David Lawson 3rd (Beginner 40-44). Check the photos here. Full results are posted.

5/31 - Dana Point Criterium - Jason Hock was 4th (Cat 4). John Behrens was 44th (Cat 1-2). Chan Huynh 34th (Cat 3)and John Bailey was 30th (Masters 35+). In the Masters 30+, John Bailey was 25th and John Behrens 30th. Results are posted here for regular cats and here for Masters District Champs.

5/26 - CBR Memorial Day Criterium, Long Beach - Some Celo rider results...Jason Hock, 11th and Stefan Steiner 18th (30+, 3/4s). In the 4s, Jason Hock was 9th. David Lawson, 14th (40+ 4/5s), and Michelle Arballo was 9th (Womens Cat 4). Results are here.

5/24 - SCNCA District TT Championships - In cat 1-2, John Behrens was 7th and John Bailey 8th. Paul Miller placed 11th (55-59). Full results here.

5/22 - Memorial Ride for John Cuchessi (owner of San Clemente Cyclery) is this Sunday at 8:45 from his shop heading South. Here's a local article (OC Register) about John and his terrible accident.
5/21 - Local Group Rides page has been updated.

5/20 - Please note Celo Pacific's INLAND group ride will alternate between the Elfin Forest route (starting this Saturday) and the Circle R route as listed on the calendar to the right. The Elfin Forest route details and map are posted here.

5/18 - Santa Ynez National Mtb, Los Olivos - Mark Salmon finishes 6th (Sport Clydesdale, 35+) after a confusing finish. Read the story here. Results are posted here.

5/18 - Ontario Crit - In the Masters 30+ 4/5, Jason Hock was 2nd and John Genovese 3rd. Corey Arballo finished top 20. In the 4/5 open race, Jason was 7th with support from John in 10th and Sharif Carter. Michelle Arballo placed 16th in the Women's 3/4. Results are posted here..

5/18 - The Traverse, Santa Ana Mtns, Orange Cty - Jens Raz finishes 3rd (Expert 18-30). Report is posted here.

5/10-11 - SCNCA District Road Championships - Brent Prenzlow finishes 2nd (Masters 40+) in a 5-man sprint with Louie Amelburu, Dave Worthington, and Chris Walker. Podium photo. Day 1 Results are posted here. Day 2 - Cat 1/2 - John Behrens was 19th and John Bailey 24th. Full results are here.

5/4 - San Luis Rey Road Cycling Classic - Thanks to everyone who came out and volunteered to make for a smooth race, and to the racers for supporting our event! The Results are posted here.

The Men's Pro/1/2 race was won by David Clinger (Rock Racing) in a sprint finish over Adam Livingston (5 Star Waste Veg Oil) and Australian Ben Brooks (Team Type 1). The 3 riders flew out of a 7-man breakaway that started on the first lap. Celo's Brent Prenzlow was 14th -- View the photo recap here. Also, Click here for SLR Cat 4 pics.

5/3 - Barrio Logan Criterium, San Diego - In the cat 4s, Jason Hock finishes 20th, Stefan Steiner 21st, and John Genovese 22nd. Results are posted here.

5/3 - Idyllwild Sprint Challenge, XC Mtb race - Paul Klysz takes 13th in the Semi-Pro, Mark Campaigne placed 2nd in Sport 35-39, and Erik Trogden 2nd in Expert Singlespeed. Complete results are here.

4/30-5/4 - Tour of the Gila Stage Race, Silver City, NM - Racing in the Cat 2 field, John Behrens finished 22nd g.c and John Bailey was 38th. Results are here.

4/26 - 24 Hrs of Adrenaline, Hurkey Creek Idyllwild, CA - Mark Campaigne raced on a 5-man team (North Coast Dubious Swashbucklers) that completed 20 laps. Mark's avg. lap time was 56 minutes. Alex Ter-Vrught, half of team "Euro Factor", placed 3rd in the 8hr, 2-person category. Results are here.

4/26 - Devil's Punchbowl RR, Pearblossom, CA - John Behrens placed 20th (Pro/1/2). Results are here.

4/20 - Swami's race up Palomar Mountain - Celo Pacific riders Phillip Gray and Brent Prenzlow joined the Swami's for their timed race up San Diego's biggest climb. Click here for the photo report and finish times.

4/11-13 - Cyclo-Vets Omnium Stage Race, San Diego - The racing finished up today with the criterium stage. Saturdays Road Race was so windy that most races were shortened for safety. John Bailey led the team with 2nd overall (Cat 3), while John Behrens took 8th overall (Pro/1/2). Also out racing were Jason Hock, John Genovese, and Corey Arballo in the 4s; and Eric Knight (11th, RR) and Charles Cushman (13th, RR) in the 5s. Final results are posted here.

note - the John B's raced the new Bailey Time trial bike at Fiesta Island on Friday. Click here to see John Behrens racing the new bike.

4/12 - Julian Death March, 80 mile off-road endurance race with 11,000' of climbing - Brent Prenzlow wins for the 2nd consecutive year, while Jens Raz finishes 13th. Conditions were very dry and extremely windy making for slower finish times. Results are posted here.

4/7 - Club Meeting - April 12th - Due to the Carlsbad 5k, we are rescheduling the club meeting after the group ride (Changed to NORTHBOUND) at the Grand Deli in Carlsbad. We will be discussing the upcoming San Luis Rey Road Race. If you can't make the meeting and can lend a hand, please email us at (non-members are welcome).

4/6 - Today's off-road group ride in Camp Pendleton was very cool. There are some awesome dirt roads back deep in the base that were enjoyed by 5 riders. 4 on cross bikes and 1 mtb. We also saw a mountain lion! He jumped out into the dirt road ahead of us, ran a short distance, and then jumped back into the woods by a creek!

4/3 - SLR Road Race Flyer is now available! Click here to open the pdf. Online registration is available here.

3/28 -  San Dimas Stage Race - starts today with a 3.8 mile uphill time trial on Glendora Mtn Road. Representing Celo Pacific are John Behrens (Cat 2), John Bailey (Cat 3) and Jens Raz (Cat 4). Check back for updates on how the guys are doing.

Criterium updates:
John Bailey - 14th place. final g.c. - 26th
John Behrens - 38th place. final g.c. - 32nd
Jens Raz - did not start

Road Race updates:
John Bailey - 4th in same time, moves up to 29th g.c.
John Behrens - 19th @1:12, moves up to 32nd g.c.
Jens Raz - 43rd @1:02, moves up to 44th g.c.

Time Trial updates:
John Bailey - 38th/92, 16:28 (missed start by :20. Doh!).
John Behrens - 45th/96 - 15:56 - Felt great and rode it technically really well...
Jens Raz - 63rd/93 - 18:34 - went out a little hard not knowing the course...

3/23 -  CX/Mtb Group Ride scheduled for April 6th in Camp Pendleton. Click here for details.

3/23 -  Ontario criterium 2 - Jason Hock led the team in the Cat 4s finishing 4th and doubling up with a 5th place in the Masters 30+ 4/5s with teammate David Bales in 11th. Results are posted.

3/22 -  Del Mar criterium 2, Del Mar Fairgrounds parking lot - Jason Hock led the team in the Cat 4s finishing 9th, while Jens Raz was 24th, John Genovese 26th, and David Lawson 28th. Complete results are posted here.

3/17 -  The 2008 Clothing Order has arrived! Pick up your clothing after the club ride at the Grand Deli ~ Noon Mar 22nd. There are a limited number of extra kits for those who did not order, which will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

3/16 -  LAX Circuit Race, Los Angeles - Looks like either no one from Celo Pacific raced or made the results - Results are posted here.

3/16 -  Des Hanlon Memorial Classic Road Race, Ireland - John Bailey finishes 30th in the Pro class in this hilly 100 mile road race with 70+ starters. Information here. Photos from posted here.

3/12 -  Del Mar criterium, Del Mar Fairgrounds parking lot - Jason Hock led the team in the Cat 4s finishing 13th, while John Genovese was 15th, Jens Raz 19th, and David Lawson 36th. Complete results are posted here.

3/9 -  Tour de Murrieta - circuit race - John Bailey placed 10th in the stage and 4th overall in the 2-day omnium (Cat 3). Jason Hock was 16th and John Genovese 27th (Cat 4) in stage 2. Circuit race and overall results here.

3/9 -  Fiesta Island Time Trial, San Diego - Paul Miller rode a 28:34, which was 2nd in his age group (50-59). Dan Breyer posted a 30:22. Full results are posted.

3/8 -  Tour de Murrieta - criterium - John Bailey finishes 4th (Cat 3) and Jason Hock, 26th (Cat 4). Full Results are posted.

3/2 -  North End Classic Stage Race, Yuma, AZ - For those unfamiliar with the North End Classic, this is a two day stage race on points. Day two is a challenging 27 mile loop road race just East of Yuma in the town of Wellton. John Bailey Wins the Cat 3 Overall by winning the intermediate bonus sprint and taking 4th in the road race stage. Chan Huynh finished 10th overall (Cat 3). Full Results are posted here.

3/1 -  North End Criterium, Yuma, AZ - John Bailey Wins the Cat 3 race in his first event after upgrading last week. Congratulations! Chan Huynh also raced the cat 3 taking 9th. John Behrens was 32nd in the Pro/1/2.

3/1 -  Camp Pendleton Bulldog Road Race, Oceanside - Believe it or not, Paul Miller finishes 3rd in this road race (55-59 age). We checked the results online to verify this fine ride, and it's true -- full results are here.

2/24 - Ontario Criterium, - John Bailey finishes 2nd (Cat 4) and 2nd (Masters 30+ 4/5). David Lawson also raced picking up a prime sprint before an untimely flat ended his day. Full results are posted here.

2/17 - Anger Management Criterium, Long Beach - John Bailey finishes 5th (Cat 4) and 17th (Masters 30+ 4/5), while Jason Hock took 3rd (Cat 5).

2/9 - Imperial Criterium - Lots of good results for Celo riders including John Bailey, 2nd & Robert Oldfield, 9th (Cat 4), Chan Huynh, 4th (Masters 40+), John Bailey, 8th (Masters 30+, 3/4), and Jason Hock, 5th (Cat 5). Full results are here.

2/6 - Vail Lake Mountain Bike racing - Just east of Temecula is the Vail Lake Resort which has a lot of great mountain bike trails. Recently Jens Raz won the expert category at the '12 Hrs of Temecula' on Jan 26th. Cross Country racing has also returned to Vail Lake under a new promoter. A lot of Celo riders used to race there and the races were a lot of fun. Check out the new information at .

2/3 - Red Trolley Criterium, San Diego - Held under rainy conditions, John Bailey places 12th (Cat 4). Full results are here.

2/2 - Boulevard Road Race - Congrats to Chan Huynh, 16th (Cat 3) and John Bailey, 10th (Cat 4). Full results are here.

1/29 - Cancelled - Cyclocross Group Ride in Camp Pendleton scheduled for Feb 3rd is cancelled due to nasty peanut butter-like muddy conditions after the last rain storms. It's an awesome ride once it dries out. To be rescheduled soon.

1/27 - Tandem anyone? Dietrich Lamprecht crashed last Oct and is still recuperating. His doctor does not want him riding yet, but will allow him to ride the back of a tandem. Bill Ziegler is looking for a tandem and is willing to rent. Please email with any info. Thank you!

1/26 - 12 Hours of Temecula, Vail Lake - Jens Raz won the Expert Solo men category. Visit for results and information.

1/19 - UCI Cyclocross Race at Bonelli Park, San Dimas - At the final SoCal cx race for the season, valuable UCI points were earned by Brent Prenzlow, 1st, John Behrens, 9th, and John Bailey, 10th. Race photos are available for viewing here. Also, "Interesting" race report and photos on MBA...

1/13 - Grand Deli discount! Sponsor Mike Downs announced that any current club member who comes into the Deli will receive a 10% discount when wearing Celo Pacific clothing! Thanks Mike - We love your food!

1/12 - club renewal meeting - Thanks to everyone who came to the club renewal meeting and for sponsor Grand Deli for hosting! If you could not make it, please make sure to send in your 2008 membership asap. It is important that everyone keeps up-to-date. Thanks!

1/4 - New Cyclocross Group Ride in Camp Pendleton will debut Jan 13th. Click here for details. Next ride is Feb 3rd.

1/3 - Interested in riding with Celo Pacific in '08? Come join us for the group ride Jan 12th, meet our members, and attend the post-ride meeting and lunch at sponsor the Grand Deli in Carlsbad. The club membership information has been updated for 2008.

1/1 - Happy New Year! How did you spend your day? Several Celo Pacific riders including David, Dan, Richard, Mark, Corey, Michelle, and B.P. climbed Palomar Mtn despite some very strong windy conditions!


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