North County MTB'ers:
I hope to see you Saturday, Feb. 28 at 8:30 a.m. at the Calavera Dam for a morning of trail work.  The ground is soft from the rains, so it's a great time to get some good work done. 
Also, for those of you interested in bike parks, jumps, pump tracks, I'd like to meet immediately after the event to talk about bike park opportunitites in Oceanside and Carlsbad. YES!, I said Carlsbad!

Also, coming March 21st:

20223 Elfin Forest Rd. Elfin Forest, CA 92029, trail work at Elfin Forest in Encinitas.

Fee: None

(Space is limited, RSVP at the end of this message.)
Are you ready to move beyond simply riding your local trails and learn to build them? The Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew program is providing that opportunity On Saturday, March 21 in San Diego County. The Trail Care Crew experts crisscross the U.S. in their Subaru Outbacks, from Connecticut to California and Texas to Montana, teaching the art and science of trailbuilding.
This Trailbuilding School is hosted by SDMBA, and includes a day of classroom and field instruction. It combines interactive learning, hands-on trailwork and top-notch instructors to develop skilled trailworkers and trailwork leaders.
Topics covered include:

Since 1997, IMBA Trailbuilding Schools have taught more than 150,000 people - including the land managers that make decisions about bicycle access - how to build durable, fun-to-ride trails.  See for more.
Space is limited.  RSVP to

Erik Trogden
North County Coastal Liaison
San Diego Mountain Biking Association


North County Mountain Bikers:
February 28th at Calavera  
This is an important opportunity for mountain bikers, hikers, and others to come together for the common cause of taking care of our precious open spaces.  Let's demonstrate that we are responsible stewards of Calavera by pitching in to make it a better place for everyone who enjoys it.
SDMBA is collaborating with the CA Dept. of Fish and Game to do habitat restoration and erosion control on a heavily used trail falling southwest away from the quarry; sometimes referred to as The Spine or Mordor.  The 200 yard long stretch of trail has widened significantly over time and needs some work to repair damage from rain and overuse.
9:00 to Noon.  Staging area TBD.  Same format as La Costa with food, schwag and lot' s of education about how YOU can make a difference.
Erik Trogden
North County Coastal Liaison