SCPS Cyclocross #17/Finals
Santa Cross, Woodland Hills

Brent Prenzlow won the 35+ and Elite Men's race in torrential conditions!
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Photo by Danny Munson Photo

Upcoming Events
Jan 1 Group Ride - Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Inland Elfin Forest route
Jan 8 Group Ride - Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Northbound Coastal route
Jan 15 Group Ride - Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Inland Circle R route
Jan 22 Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Northbound Coastal route

2010 News & Results
updated: 12/30/2010

12/20 -  SCPS Team Competition - Celo Pacific finished 2nd overall Best Team for the series - Congratulations everyone for the great 'cross racing! Also, congrats to individual series champion, Dinorah Lawson (Womens 35+)!

12/19 -  SCPS #17, Santa Cross, Woodland Hills - Epic Mud and Rain! Brent Prenzlow 1st, Alex Ter-Vrugt 14th (Cat 1/2); Brent Prenzlow 1st, Geoff Albert 7th, Mark Campaigne 8th (35+ 1/2/3); David Lawson 12th, Jesus Ortega 20th (35+ 3/4); Lee Willmore 7th (55+); Annette Padilla 5th (Women 1/2); Dinorah Lawson 2nd (W35+); Annette Padilla 4th (SS Women); Drew Campaigne 6th (10-14); Madeline Campaigne 2nd, Eris Albert-Minckler 3rd, Clarisa Ortega 4th (Girls 10-14). Photos by Dmunsonphoto here.  Full results here.

12/17 RAIN or SHINE...the ride, toy drive, and club meeting are still on for tomorrow.  Special thanks to Leeann Storino and her daughter for volunteering to purchase toys on behalf of the club.  She will have a vehicle at the ride start if you want to drop your toy with her there. Also, the new clothing has not come in early...

12/13 -  Club Meeting after the Group Ride this Saturday at 11:30. Please note we are changing route to Northbound Coastal route.

  1. This will also be our annual Toys for Tots charity ride, so bring an unwrapped toy and we'll drop them off inside the gate.
  2. There is a slim chance the clothing order will arrive in time to distribute at the meeting. If not, alternate pick up times/locations will be announced the following week.
  3. We will have a new membership application for 2011 which we will have available at the meeting. It also online here.

12/8-12 -  US Cyclocross National Championships, Bend, OR - Brent Prenzlow 12th, Geoff Albert 38th, Lee Willmore 72nd, Annette Padilla 7th (Singlespeed Time Trial); Laurie Tremor 26th, Annette Padilla 33rd (W40-44 Time Trial); Lee Willmore 10th (65-69); Annette Padilla 44th (W40-44); Brent Prenzlow 13th, Geoff Albert 46th, Lee Willmore 76th, Annette Padilla 10th (Singlespeed); David Williams 59th (50-54 Time Trial); Brent Prenzlow 18th, Geoff Albert 114th, David Lawson 127th (40-44 Time Trial); Jesus Ortega 86th (35-39 Time Trial); Brent Prenzlow 22nd, Geoff Albert 115th, David Lawson 128th (40-44); David Williams 60th (50-54); Jesus Ortega 90th (35-39); Annette Padilla 95th (Elite Women). Clarissa Ortega 9th (10-14) Full results here.

12/7 -  Wheels for Life, The Film, A Story About Giving is Wed, Dec 15th in Laguna Beach. with after party at crankbros s/b fun.. Click here for the flyer/info.

12/5 -  SCPS #16, High Desert Cross, Palmdale - Geoff Albert 5th (35+ 1/2/3); David Lawson 10th, Jesus Ortega 12th, David Williams 14th (35+ 3/4); Dinorah Lawson 1st (W35+); Clarissa Ortega 3rd (10-14). Full results here.

12/5 -  USGP of Cyclocross #8, Portland, OR - Annette Padilla 14th (Masters Women). Full results here.

12/4 -  SCPS #15, Campus Cross @ Cal St Univ, San Marcos - Brent Prenzlow 6th (Cat 1/2); Dan Breyer 11th, David Williams 12th, Jesus Ortega 13th (cat 3); Kermit McGovern 12th (Cat 4); Ben Jones 1st, Alex Ter-vrugt 6th, Mark Campaigne 7th (35+ 1/2/3); David Lawson 9th, David Williams 17th, Jesus Ortega 19th (35+ 3/4); Richard Murphy 14th (45+); Dinorah Lawson 1st (W35+); LeeAnn Storino 1st (W45+); Alex Ter-vrugt 5th (SS A); Joe Aldaco 7th (SS B); Drew Campaigne 3rd (10-14); Clarisa Ortega 3rd (10-14); Jameson Campaigne 3rd (Youth). Full results here. NEW! -> Photos by Amiee Quon

12/4 -  USGP of Cyclocross #7, Portland, OR - Annette Padilla, 41st (Elite Women). Article/results here.

11/28 -  SCPS #14, SCNCA District Cyclocross Championships/Turkey Trot, Glendale - Brent Prenzlow 2nd (Cat 1/2); David Lawson 19th, Dan Breyer 23rd (Cat 3); Mike Coday 26th (cat 4); Ben Jones 2nd, Jesus Ortega 16th (35-39); Mark Campaigne 16th, David Lawson 24th (40-44); Jeff Sanford 2nd, Richard Murphy 19th (45-49); David Williams 13th (50-54); Lee Willmore 4th (65+); Annette Padilla 10th (W 1/2); Laurie Tremor 4th (W 3); Dinorah Lawson 2nd, Annette Padilla 4th (40-44); LeeAnn Storino 1st (45-49); Geoff Albert 5th (SS A); Annette Padilla 4th (SS W); Clarisa Ortega 6th (10-14); Drew Campaigne 6th (10-14); Jameson Campaigne 6th (Youth). Full Results here.

11/26 -  Tom's Farm Time Trial - Annette Padilla, 3rd (W 1-4).

11/21 -  SCPS #13, Convert Cross, Lake Casitas, Ojai - James Walsh 4th, Brent Prenzlow 8th (Cat 1/2); Ryan Weeger 4th Dan Breyer 8th (cat 3); Ben Jones 1st, Geoff Albert 8th, Alex Ter-vrugt 12th (35+ 1/2/3); David Lawson 16th, David Williams 25th (35+ 3/4); Lee Willmore 15th (55+); Annette Padilla 7th (W 1/2); Laurie Tremor 2nd (W3); Dinorah Lawson 1st (W35+); Alex Ter-vrugt 5th (SS A); Dinorah Lawson 3rd, Annette Padilla 4th (SS W). Full results here.

11/20 -  SCPS #12, Dirt Club Cyclocross, Los Olivos - Brent Prenzlow 1st, James Walsh 6th (Cat 1/2); Ben Jones 1st (35+ 1/2/3); David Lawson 6th (35+ 3/4); David Bales 8th, Richard Murphy 10th (45+); Annette Padilla 5th (W 1/2); Dinorah Lawson 1st (W35+); Joe Aldaco 10th (SS B); Dinorah Lawson 2nd, Annette Padilla 3rd (W SS).  Full Results here.

11/14 -  Urban CX #4, Long Beach - Mike Coday 1st (Cat 4); Annette Padilla, 2nd (Women 1-3); Jesus Ortega 3rd, David Williams 4th (M35+). Full results here.

11/13 -  SCPS #10, Long Beach Cyclocross - Brent Prenzlow 4th, James Walsh 11th (Men 1/2); Jesus Ortega 17th (Cat 3); Mike Coday 20th (Men 4); Brent Prenzlow 1st, Ben Jones 3rd, Mark Campaigne 7th, Geoff Albert 12th (Masters 35+ 1/2/3); David Lawson 18th, Jesus Ortega 35th, Dave Williams 31st (masters 35+ 3/4); Dave Williams 19th (45+); Lee Willmore 18th (55+); Annette Padilla 3rd (W 1/2); Dinorah Lawson 1st (W35+); Lee Ann Storino 1st (W45+); Mark Campaigne 4th (SS A); Joe Aldaco 15th (SS B); Annette Padilla 4th (SS W); Drew Campaigne 4th (B10-14); Clarisa Ortega 3rd, Eris Albert-Minckler 4th (G10-14); Jameson Campaigne 3rd (Youth). Full results here.

11/7 -  Piru Time Trial - Paul Miller 1st (55+) in 30:39.

11/7 -  SCPS #9b, UCI Cyclocross at Griffith Park, Los Angeles - Annette Padilla, 17th (UCI Elite Women). James Walsh 2nd (Men 1/2); Ryan Weeger 6th, Dan Breyer 12th (Cat 3); Mark Campaigne 11th (Masters 35+ 1/2/3); David Lawson 21st, Jesus Ortega 29th, Dave Williams 31st (masters 35+ 3/4); Mike Coday 31st (cat 4); Leeann Storino 1st (W 45+); Drew Campaigne 6th (10-14); Jameson Campaigne 10th (Youth). Full results here.

11/6 -  SCPS #9a, UCI Cyclocross at Griffith Park, Los Angeles - Brent Prenzlow, 19th (UCI Elite Men); Annette Padilla, 17th (UCI Elite Women); James Walsh 5th (Men 1/2); Ryan Weeger 6th, Dan Breyer 14th (Cat 3); Jeff Sanford 2nd, Ben Jones 10th, Mark Campaigne 12th (Masters 35+ 1/2/3); David Lawson 17th, Jesus Ortega 30th, Dave Williams 31st, Mike Coday 32nd (masters 35+ 3/4); Joe Aldaco 23rd (45+); Mike Coday 31st (cat 4); Laurie Tremor 4th (W Cat 3); Alex Ter-vrugt 7th (SS A); Joe Aldaco 16th (SS B); Drew Campaigne 5th (10-14); Jameson Campaigne 3rd (Youth). Full results here.

11/4 -  Photos from Storm the Beach by Richard Murphy: Elite Men 1/2, Masters 35+, CX4, and Women's.

11/3 Article: Beaches, Beers and Bombing Grounds SoCal Prestige Series Storms the Beach!

11/2 -  Storm the Beach CX - Thanks everyone for another great day of cross at the beach! Thanks to all the Celo Pacific volunteers and especially Mark Campaigne for making this race possible!

Lap Times are now posted here. Note: Lap 1 is the first full lap so that was actually your second lap. You can determine your first lap by subtracting the time under your name (elapsed time) on the first row from the Lap Tm amount.

10/31 -  SCPS #8, Storm the Beach - Brent Prenzlow 3rd, James Walsh 7th (Elite Men 1/2); Dan Breyer 7th, Jesus Ortega 11th (Cat 3); Ben Jones 1st, Alex Ter-vrugt 5th, Geoff Albert 8th, Mark Campaigne 9th (Masterss 35+ 1/2/3); Jesus Ortega 22nd, David Williams 23rd (Masters 35+ 3/4); Richard Murphy 16th (45+); Lee Willmore 11th (55+); Kermit McGovern 18th, Tony Kowalczyk 24th, Jeff Sigua 25th (Cat 4); Annette Padilla 5th (W1/2); Dinorah Lawson 1st (W35+); Alex Ter-vrugt 5th, Geoff Albert 6th (SS A); Jeff Sigua 9th (SS B); Matt Weir 5th Drew Campaigne 6th (10-14); Clarissa Ortega 3rd (G10-14); Jameson Campaigne 3rd (Youth). Full results are here. Lap times here.

10/30 -  Adams Avenue Cyclocross, San Diego - Brent Prenzlow, 1st (Men 1/2); Laurie Tremor 1st (cat 4); Alex Ter-vrught ? (Masters 35+); Annette Padilla, 4th (W1-3). Full results not available.

10/24 -  SCPS #6, San Luis Obispo Cross - Brent Prenzlow, 1st (Men 1/2). Full results here.

10/23 -  SCPS #5, Spooky Cross, Irvine - Brent Prenzlow, 4th, James Walsh 14th, Andrew Dickinson 26th (Elite Men 1/2); Ryan Weeger 6th, Dan Breyer 21st (cat 3); Jeff Sanford 2nd, Ben Jones 7th, Alex Ter-vrugt 8th, Mark Campaigne 10th, Geoff Albert 11th (Masters 35+ 1/2/3); David Lawson 8th, Jesus Ortega 26th, Curt Dosier, 34th, Mike Coday 50th (Masters 35+ 3/4); Matt Hale 29th, Richard Murphy 30th (45+); Lee Willmore 11th (55+); Jeff Sigua 62nd (cat 4); Monique Fletcher 10th, Annette Padilla 11th (Women 1/2); Dinorah Lawson 3rd, Kirsty Marritt (Master W35+); Laurie Tremor 2nd, Beth Walsh 5th (WCat 4); Alex Ter-vrugt 5th (SSA); Don Elling 13th, Joe Aldaco 19th (SSB); Dinorah Lawson 3rd (SSW); Drew Campaigne 7th (B10-14); Clarisa Ortega 4th (G10-14); Jameson Campaigne 7th (Youth). Full results here. SmugMug Photo set by Richard Murphy.

10/17 -  Urban Cross, Lake Castaic - Annette Padilla, 3rd (W1/2/3).

10/16 -  SCPS #4, LA Cross, Granada Hills - Brent Prenzlow, 3rd, James Walsh 11th (Men 1/2); Ben Jones 2nd, Ryan Weeger 4th, Dan Breyer 14th (Cat 3); Brent Prenzlow 1st, Jeff Sanford 3rd, Ben Jones 4th, Mark Campaigne 16th, Alex Ter-Vrugt 17th (35+ 1/2/3); David Lawson 19th, Jesus Ortega 28th (35+ 3/4); Lee Willmore 11th (55+); Annette Padilla 5th (W 1/2); Dinorah Lawson 1st (W35+) & 4th (W SS); Drew Campaigne 5th (10-14); Jameson Campaigne 3rd (Youth). Full results here.

10/10 -  SCPS #3, Velocity Cross, Chino - David Lawson 8th (Single speed A); Mark Campaigne 8th, Alex Ter-vrugt 14th (Masters 35+ 1/2/3); David Lawson 12th, Dave Williams 26th, Jesus Ortega 33rd (Masters 35+ 3/4); Annette Padilla 6th (W1/2); Richard Murphy 35th (M45+); Laurie Tremor 2nd, Melany Aldaco 6th (Women 4); Drew Campaigne 10th, Billy Dreyer 11th (Junior 10-14); Clarisa Ortega 4th (Girls 10-14); Jameson Campaigne 7th (Youth). Full results here.

10/10 -  Fiesta Island Time Trial, San Diego - Bill McKenna  50+ 2nd @ 28:09; Paul Miller 50+ 8th @ 28:50; Mike Coday 40-49 17th @ 31:29. Full results here.

10/5 Club Meeting after the Group Ride this SATURDAY at the Grand Deli. Please note ride will be Northbound Coastal Route instead of Elfin Forest!

10/3 -  UCI Krosstoberfest Weekend, Day 2 (SCPS #2 San Dimas) - UCI results: Brent Prenzlow, 22nd; Annette Padilla, 16th. Cyclingnews results/photos. CXMagazine coverage. Non UCI Results: James Walsh 2nd, Andrew Dickinson 8th (1/2); Annette Padilla 1st (W1/2); Ryan Weeger 6th (Cat 3); David Lawson 10th (Single Speed); Jeff Sanford 2nd, Ben Jones 4th, Mark Campaigne 17th (Masters 35+ 1/2/3); Dinorah Lawson 2nd (Masters W35+); Laurie Tremor 2nd (Women 4); David Lawson 22nd, Jesus Ortega 28th, Dave Williams 34th (Masters 35+ 3/4); Drew Campaigne 11th (Junior 10-14); Clarissa Ortega 4th, Eris Albert-Minckler 5th (Juniors Girls 10-14); Jameson Campaigne 9th (Youth); Jeff Sigua 47th (Cat 4) & 10th (SSB). Full Results here

10/2 -  UCI Krosstoberfest Weekend, Day 1 (SCPS #2 San Dimas) - UCI results: Brent Prenzlow, 13th; Annette Padilla, 17th. Cyclingnews report/results/photos. CX Magazine coverage. Non UCI Results: James Walsh 1st (Men 1/2); Annette Padilla 3rd (W 1/2); Ryan Weeger 3rd (Cat 3); Ben Jones 3rd, Jeff Sanford 6th, Mark Campaigne 13th (Masters 35+ 1/2/3); David Williams 24th (Masters 45+); Lee Willmore 18th (55+); David Lawson 10th (Master 35+ 3/4); Jameson Campaigne 4th (Youth). Full Results here

9/27 -  Need clothing? Sept 2010 Clothing Inventory here

9/26 -  SoCal Prestige Series (SCPS) #1, Irvine Lake - Laurie Tremor 1st & Dinorah Lawson 3rd (W35+); David Lawson 13th (35+ 3/4) & 7th (SS A); Brent Prenzlow 5th & James Walsh 9th (Elite Men 1/2); Annette Padilla 7th (Elite Women 1/2); Drew Campaigne 5th (Jr Boys 10-14); Jameson Campaigne 5th (10&U); Clarisa Ortega 5th & Eris Albert-Minckler 6th (Jr Girls 10-14); Mark Campaigne 8th, Geoff Albert 10th & Ben Jones 11th (35+ 1/2/3); Kermit McGovern 30th; Jesus Ortega 30th (35+ 3/4); Andrew Dickinson 8th (Cat 3); Richard Murphy 33rd (45+); Mark Campaigne 7th & Joe Aldaco 15th (SS B). Full results here & Photos by Richard Murphy here.

9/22 -  Cross Vegas, las Vegas - Annette Padilla, 42nd (Elite Women). Full Results on

9/20 -  Storm The Beach date changed to October 31st. Flyer now available here.

9/19 -  Urban CX #1, Palos Verdes - Annette Padilla, 5th (W1/2/3), 3rd (SS 4). Full results here.

9/12 -  Specialized Invitational Finals/CA State XC Champs - Ben Jones, 3rd (Cat 1 35-39); James Walsh 4th (Cat 1 30-34); Geoff Albert, 13th (Cat 2 40-44); David Williams 4th (Cat 3 45-49); Andrew Dickinson 2nd (Cat 1 SS); Jesus Ortega, 4th (Cat 3 35-39). Full results here.

9/12 -  Fiesta Island Time Trial - Stefan Steiner, 8th 30:18 (Men Cat 4/5); Annette Padilla, 4th 34:20 (Women 40-49). Full results here.

9/11 -  San Diego Multi-Park Marathon (50 mile mtb race) - Brent Prenzlow, 4th* (Pro); Alex Ter-Vrugt, 1st (Expert 40-49); Jack Guenther, 2nd (Sport 60+). Full results here.

9/7 -  Cyclocross Clinic this Saturday 9/11, San Diego (Balboa Park), followed by the Bicycle Film Festival - Click here for the flyer.

8/29 -  San Clemente Criterium - Chan Huynh, 20th (Cat 3), Ben Littler, 22nd (Cat 4), Pey-Lih Littler, 7th (W 3/4). Full results here.

8/23 -  Cyclocross Clinic this Thursday 8/26, Encinitas - Click here for the flyer.

8/22-27 -  Breck Epic 6-day MTB Stage Race, Breckenridge, Colorado - Ben Jones, 24th overall (Open Men) Full results. Stage 1 Video

8/22 Summer End, Ontario Criterium -  Chan Huynh, 19th (Cat 3), Ben Littler, 12th, Kermit McGovern 14th, Jesus Ortega, 47th (30+ 4/5), Pey-Lih Littler 7th (Women 4).  Full results here.

8/15 Ladera Ranch Grand Prix -  Chan Huynh, 27th (Cat 3), Ben Littler, 11th & Kermit McGovern 21st (30+ 4/5), Pey-Lih Littler 11th & Laurie Tremor 18th (W3/4).  Full results here.

8/15 -  Rim Nordic Mtb XC, Running Springs - Dave Williams: 1st Cat 3 45-49; Jesus Ortega: 4th Cat 3 35-39. Full results here.

8/7 -  Racers & Chasers, MTB XC at Black Mtn - 2nd (Pro) Brent Prenzlow. Full results here.

8/1 -  August Competitor Magazine - Pick up a free copy locally or click here for an exclusive feature with Brent Prenzlow.

7/25 -  San Marcos Criterium - Chan Huynh, 39th (Cat 3); Ben Littler, 13th, Kermit McGovern 44th (Cat 4); Pey-Lih Littler 15th (Women 4). Full results here.

7/25 -  Rim Nordic Mtb XC, Running Springs - Dave Williams: 2nd Cat 3 45-49; Jesus Ortega: 3rd Cat 3 35-39; David Lawson: 6th Cat 2 40-44; Geoff Albert: 8th Cat 2 40-44; Mark Campaigne: 7th Cat 1 40-44. Full results here.

7/17 -  US Mtb XC Nationals, Sol Vista, Colorado - 10th (Cat 1, 35-39) Ben Jones.

7/17 San Elijo Hill Climb TT - 2nd Matt Sheremeta, 46th Doug Miller. Full Results here. Race Video

7/11 -  Rim Nordic Mtb XC, Running Springs - Geoff Albert 3rd & David Lawson, 6th (Cat 2, 40-44); Jesus Ortega, 4th (Cat 3, 35-39); David Williams 3rd (Cat 3, 45-49); Alex Ter-Vrugt 5th & Mark Campaigne 6th (Cat 1, 40-44); Matt Weir 1st (Cat 3, 12&under). Full results here. Photos here.

7/10 Celo Pacific club photo is available here.

7/6 -  July 10th: Club Photo & Post-ride meeting - Annual club photo at Magee Park on the roll out for our Sat ride; Post ride we'll have a club meeting at the Grand Deli ~ 11:30am.

7/3 Blue Trolley Crit, San Diego - Sean Haney 5th & Jason Habeger 44th (Cat 4); Annette Padilla 6th (W1-3); Pey-Lih Littler 13th (W3/4); Kermit McGovern 15th & Sean Haney 22nd (Cat 4/5); Mike Plumb 24th (Masters 50+). Full results here.

7/3 -  Racers & Chasers, MTB XC at San Dieguito River Park - 1st Alex Ter-Vrugt (Expert 40-49), 1st Jack Guenther (Sport 60+), 2nd Annette Padilla (Sport 40-49). Full results here.

6/27 -  Mark Reynolds Mtb Stage Race - 4th (cat 1, 40-44) Cross Country, Mark Campaigne.

6/20 -  Kenda Cup West XC #6, Big Bear - 1st (Cat1 35-39) Ben Jones; 10th (Cat2 40-44) David Lawson. Full results coming soon.

6/19 -  Ontario Airport Crit - 11th & 34th (30+ 4/5) Kermit McGovern, Jeff Sigua; 22nd (Cat 4) Jason Habeger. Full results here.

6/12 -  12 Hours of Temecula - 2nd/14 laps (3-person open) Ben Jones, Dan Breyer, Tony Smith; 7th/13 laps (3-person open) David Lawson, Mark Campaigne, Geoff Albert; 2nd/10 laps (Solo Master 40+) Alex Ter-Vrugt; 3rd (2-person SS) Jeff Sigua & Andrew Dickinson. Full results here. Partial results here.

6/10 -  4th of July Group Ride & BBQ party - The club will be riding the "tour de canyons" route and then BBQ'ing at Jeff Wright's after the ride.

6/6 -  Kenda Cup West XC #5, Ellings Park (Santa Barbara) - 1st (Cat1 35-39) Ben Jones; 4th (Cat3 40-49) Dinorah Lawson; 19th (Cat2 40-44) David Lawson. Full results here.

6/5 -  Racers & Chasers, MTB XC at Elfin Forest - 1st  Alex Ter-Vrugt & 3rd Mark Campaigne (Expert 40-49). Full Results.

5/29 -  SCNCA District Team Time Trial, Lake Los Angeles - Celo Pacific 4-man team (Mike Mix, Dave Otto, Bill McKenna, Paul Miller) finished 4th (Mens 180+). Results here.

5/23 -  Mt Lemmon Hill Climb, Tucson - Matt Sheremeta, 5th (Cat 3). Full results here.

5/15 -  International Friendship Crit, Chula Vista - Jeff Sigua 18th (Cat 5). Full results here.

5/15 -  SCNCA District Time Trial, Palmdale - Annette Padilla, 3rd 1:12:08 (40-44); Paul Miller, 15th 56:47 (55+) FULL Results here.

5/9 -  Fiesta Island Time Trial - Paul Miller, 4th (50-59) in 28:42; Annette Padilla, 40K option in 1:13:13. Full results.

5/8 -  Traverse Mtb Endurance race, Orange Cty- Ryan Weeger, 1st (Expert 18-30); James Walsh, 1st (Expert 31-45). Results here.Results here.

5/7 -  San Luis Rey Road Cycling Classic Photos:

- Flickr photo set by Dinorah Lawson here.
- Photos by Robert Bruns here.

5/2 -  San Luis Rey Road Race - Thanks to everyone who volunteered to make for a great day of racing! Thanks also to all the racers who came out and made for some exciting race action -> Race Results are now posted here.

Congratulations to NVGP Pro Ride nominations from the Barrio Logan Grand Prix / San Luis Rey Road Race omnium:

Male: Brandon Gritters (Williams Cycling p/b SC VELO)
Female: Emily Kachorek (Wells Fargo Racing Team)

Revolution wheelset raffle winner: Scott Houtchens

5/1 -  Barrio Logan GP, San Diego - Ben Littler, 9th (Cat 4). results here.

4/25 -  Racers & Chasers, MTB XC at Black Mtn - Eric Trogden 5th (Expert 40-49), Annette Padilla 3rd (Sport W40-44), David Lawson, 3rd (Beg 40-44), Jack Guenther 1st (Sport 60+). Full results here.

4/24 -  Whiskey Off Road, Prescott, AZ - 50 Proof: Brent Prenzlow 15th, Cliff Clermont 21st, James Walsh 24th, Ben Jones 33rd, Ryan Weeger 80th (Open Men). Full results here.

4/24 -  CBR Time Trial Championships - Paul Miller, 1st (55-59) in 57; Annette Padilla, 1st in 109.

4/16-18 -  Sea Otter Classic, Monterey - Jeff Sanford, 1st DH (Cat2, 40-49); Jesus Ortega, 10th Crit (35+, cat 5); David Williams, 3rd Crit (45+, cat 5); James Walsh, 3rd XC (Cat1, 30-34). Full results here.

4/14 The Nature Valley Pro Ride featuring San Luis Rey (click here).

4/11 -  Fiesta Island Time Trial - Paul Miller, 2nd (50+) in 28:44; Annette Padilla, 40K option in 1:12:53. Full results.

4/10 -  Julian Death March, 86 mile off-road race - Brent Prenzlow, 1st overall, 6:23, Alex Ter-Vrugt, 11th overall, 8:13 (4th, 40+), Cliff Clermont 29th overall & Mark Campaigne 32nd overall (1st/4th for 64 miles). Results here. Mtb Race News report.

4/9 -  Cyclo-Vets Omnium Stage Race, Time Trial (Fiesta Island, San Diego) - Ben Littler, 8th (Men 35+, Cat 4/5), Jason Habeger, 8th & Sean Haney, 25th (Men 4), Annette Padilla, 15th (Women 1-4). Full results here. Road Race - Ben Littler, 14th; Jason Habeger, 19th. Results. Criterium - Kermit McGovern 4th, Ben Littler 9th, Stefan Steiner 17th (Men 35+ 4/5); Sean Haney 9th (Cat 4). Results here.

4/9 -  Celo Pacific sends our sincere condolences to the family, friends, and teammates of Jorge Alvardo (our 2009 Men's pro/1/2 road race winner).

4/7 -  Club Meeting April 17th ~11:15 at the Grand Deli immediately following the Northbound club ride that day. We will be discussing road race tasks and filling in what's not yet covered. Please plan to attend and help.

4/3 -  UCLA Road Race, Pearblossom - Jason Habeger, 26th (Cat 4). Full results here.

4/3 -  Santiago Cyn Time Trial - Annette Padilla, 7th (Women 1-4).

3/30 Nature Valley Pro Ride events begin in April with San Luis Rey shortly after on May 2nd.

3/28 -  US Cup Mtb XC, Fontana - Ryan Weeger, 7th (Cat 1 25-29). Full results here. Race recap here.

3/20 Vision Quest Mtb Endurance Race - James Walsh, 14th; Ryan Weeger, 70th. Full results here. James Walsh race report Ryan's race report.

3/20 -  Racers & Chasers, MTB XC at San Dieguito - 2nd (Expert 40-49) Alex Ter-Vrugt; 1st (Expert W40-49) Laurie Tremor; 2nd (Sport W40-49) Annette Padilla. Full results here.

3/13-14 -  US Cup MTB XC, Bonelli Park, San Dimas -  6th, Ben Jones (Cat 1, 35-39); 35th, Brent Prenzlow (Pro Men). Pro Men Results Cat 1 Men results.

3/12-14 -  Tour de Murrieta Omnium, San Diego & Murrieta - 10th overall Ben Littler (Cat 4). Full results here.

3/6 -  Santiago Canyon Time Trial - Paul Miller (50+) 7th (28:34).

3/1 -  Club Meeting - March 6th, 11:15 after the club ride, which will be Northbound. Please note: We will have the meeting rain or shine as we also plan to distribute the 2010 Clothing Order at this time.

2/28 -  Sage Brush Safari (Mtb XC), Lake Morena -  2nd, Ben Jones (Cat 1, 35-39); 6th James Walsh (Cat 1, 30-34); 7th Annette Padilla (Cat 2W, 40-49). Full results here.

2/22 -  Ride Change Saturday! Please note CIRCLE R Inland route this Saturday due to the "Bulldog" Camp Pendleton road race Sat a.m.

2/21 -  Foothills Classic MTB XC, Hart Park, Bakersfield - Brent Prenzlow, 2nd (Pro). Full results here. Photo set here.

2/20 -  Southridge MTB Winter Series #4, Cross Country - Ben Jones, 2nd (Expert 35-42). Full results here.

2/14 -  Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium, Brea - 21st (cat 4), Ben Littler. Full results here.

2/13 -  Racers & Chasers, MTB XC at Cahuilla Creek/Anza - 1st (Pro), Brent Prenzlow; 1st (Expert 30-39) Ben Jones; 2nd (Sport W40-49) Annette Padilla; 1st (Beginner 60+) Jack Guenther. Full results here. photos by Gina Silva

1/24 -  Peak Season Cyclocross, Watsonville Fairgrounds - 1st Brent Prenzlow (A Men), 6th Geoff Albert (Single Speed), 2nd Dinorah Lawson (Master Women 35+), 10th David Lawson (Master Men 35+ B). Full results here. photo set by Paul Doran.

1/23 -  Lou Night Cross, Fresno - 1st Brent Prenzlow (Open Men), 2nd Dinorah Lawson (Open Women), 3rd David Lawson (Masters 40+). Results here.

1/17 -  Cross Fever #3/Finals, Hansen Dam, Los Angeles 1st, Dinorah Lawson (W35+); 1st, Brent Prenzlow (M35+); 1st, Brent Prenzlow (Elite Men); 1st, Annette Padilla (W SS); 10th, David Lawson (M35+); 2nd, Annette Padilla (Elite Women); 7th, Jesus Ortega (cat 4); 8th, David Williams (Cat 4). Full results here.

1/17 -  Tom's Farm Time Trial - Paul Miller (50+) 5th (21:14).

1/16 -  Racers & Chasers, MTB XC at Elfin Forest/San Diego - Eric Trogden, 5th (Expert 40-49),  Andrew Dickinson, 1st (Expert SS), Laurie Tremor, 3rd (W Expert 40-49); Jack Guenther 1st (Beg Men 60+). Full results here.

1/10 -  Cross Fever #2, High Desert Cross, Palmdale - 1st, Dinorah Lawson (W35+); 1st, Brent Prenzlow (M35+); 2nd, Annette Padilla (W SS); 2nd, Brent Prenzlow (Elite Men); 10th, David Lawson (M35+); 13th, Jesus Ortega (Cat 4); 4th, Annette Padilla (Elite Women); 12th, David Williams (Cat 4).

1/10 -  Piru Time Trial - Paul Miller (55+) 1st (30:21).

1/9 -  Southridge MTB Winter Series #1, Cross Country - Brent Prenzlow 1st (Pro Men). Full results here.

1/3 -  Cross Fever #1, Hansen Dam, Los Angeles 1st, Dinorah Lawson (W35+); 1st, Brent Prenzlow (M35+); 2nd, Annette Padilla (W SS); 2nd, Brent Prenzlow (Elite Men); 5th, David Lawson (M35+); 5th, Jesus Ortega (Cat 4); 7th, Annette Padilla (Elite Women); 13th, Jesus Ortega (M35+); 6th, David Williams (Cat 4). Full results here.

1/1/10 -  Happy New Year!

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