Toys for Tots ride
Camp Pendleton

Celo Pacific brought toys on their ride to benefit Toys for Tots this Christmas.
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Upcoming Events
Jan 7 Group Ride - Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Northbound Coastal route
Jan 14 Group Ride - Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Inland Circle R route
Jan 21 Group Ride - Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Northbound Coastal route
Jan 28 Group Ride - Leave 8:30 from Grand Deli - route: Inland Elfin Forest route

2011 News & Results
updated: 01/03/2012

12/31  -  Cross Into 2012, Pierce College, Woodland Hills -  Brent Prenzlow 2nd (Men A); David Lawson 8th, Jesus Ortega 18th (35+ B); Scott Reeves 3rd (45+ B) David Lawson 5th (SS B); Drew Campaigne 5th (Boys 10-14); Clarisa Ortega 7th (Girls 10-14); Jameson Campaigne 4th (Youth). Full results here.

12/18  -  Santa Cross, Day 2, Griffith Park, Los Angeles -  Brent Prenzlow 4th (Men A); David Lawson 13th, Jesus Ortega 21st (35+ B); David Williams 8th (45+ B); David Lawson 9th (SS B); Drew Campaigne 7th (Boys 10-14); Clarisa Ortega 6th (Girls 10-14); Jameson Campaigne 4th, Olivia Lawson 7th (Youth). Full Results here. Race report on SoCalCycling.

12/17  -  Santa Cross, Day 1, Griffith Park, Los Angeles -  Brent Prenzlow 2nd (Men A); David Williams 24th (Mens B); Brent Prenzlow 1st (35+ A); Jesus Ortega 13th (35+ B); David Williams 11th (45+ B); Drew Campaigne 7th (Boys 10-14); Clarisa Ortega 6th (Girls 10-14); Jameson Campaigne 2nd (Youth). Full results here.

12/14  -  2012 Membership Application is now posted - Please download, fill out, and keep your status current, thanks: PDF Version

12/10  -  Hart Park Cyclocross, Bakersfield -  Brent Prenzlow 1st, Phillip Gray 9th (Men A); Brent Prenzlow 1st, Phillip Gray 6th (35+ A); David Lawson 9th, Jesus Ortega 14th (35+ B); David Williams 10th (45+ B); Clarisa Ortega 5th (Girls 10-14). Full results here. Race Report on SoCalCycling.

12/8  -  Toys for Tots ride & Club Meeting this Saturday -  Please bring an unwrapped toy if you can, not mandatory, but appreciated! Club meeting and lunch at the Grand Deli afterwards.

12/4  -  CXLA Day 2, Los Angeles -  David Lawson 18th, Jesus Ortega 23rd (Masters 35+ B); Jeff Sanford 4th (Masters 45+ A); David Williams 13th (Masters 45+ B); David Lawson 14th (Single speed B); Drew Campaigne 9th (Boys 10-14); Clarisa Ortega 5th (Girls 10-14); Jameson Campaigne 4th (Youth).  Full results here.

12/3  -  CXLA Day 1, Los Angeles -  Phillip Gray 14th (Masters 35+ A); David Lawson 10th, Jesus Ortega 24th (Masters 35+ B); Jeff Sanford 2nd (Masters 45+ A); David Lawson 11th (Single speed B); Clarisa Ortega 4th (Girls 10-14); Liam Gray 5th (Youth).  Full results here.

12/3  -  Racers & Chasers Winter Series #1, Black Mtn -  Brent Prenzlow 1st (Pro), Alex Ter-vrught 1st (Marathon, open), Ben Jones 2nd (Marathon Pro), Annette Padilla 6th (Sport Women). Full results here.

11/27  -  SCNCA District Cyclocross Championships, Turkey Trot, Verdugo Park, Glendale -  Brent Prenzlow 2nd (Men A); Jesus Ortega 18th (Master 35-39); Jeff Sanford 4th (Master 45-49); David Williams 12th (Master 50-54); Drew Campaigne 5th (Junior 13-14); Madeline Campaigne 4th (Junior W15-16); Clarisa Ortega 4th (Junior W13-14); Jameson Campaigne 2nd (Youth). Full results here.

11/25  -  Fiesta Island Time Trial, San Diego -  Juan Araya: 3rd (Masters 30+); Thomas Ryan: 3rd (Masters 40+); Ben Littler: 2nd (Mens Merckx). Full results here.

11/19  -  SCPS #12/Cambria Cyclocross -  Brent Prenzlow 1st (Men A) & 1st (Masters 35+ A); David Williams 3rd (Masters 45+ B) & 11th (Men B), Jesus Ortega 14th (Men B) & 9th (Master 35+ B); Clarisa Ortega 2nd (Girls 10-14). Full results here.

11/13  -  Velocity Cross, Prado Reg Park, Chino -  Brent Prenzlow 1st (Men A); Brent Prenzlow 1st (35+ A); Jeff Sanford 1st (45+ A); David Williams 36th (Men B); Mike Coday 21st, Jesus Ortega 30th (35+ B); David Williams 14th (45+ B); David VanWaldick 13th (55+); Thad Sparrow 8th (Single Speed A); Mike Coday 18th (SS B); Clarisa Ortega 7th (Girls 10-14). Full results here.

11/6  -  Live Long Beach! Cyclocross, El Dorado Park -  Brent Prenzlow 2nd (Men A); Brent Prenzlow 1st, Ben Jones 7th, Phillip Gray 13th (35+ A); David Lawson 16th, Mike Coday 24th, Jesus Ortega 33rd (35+ B); Geoff Albert 6th (45+ A); David Williams 16th (45+ B); Pam Gray 7th (Women 35+); Thad Sparrow 4th (Single Speed A); Clarisa Ortega 7th (Girls 10-14); Liam Gray 4th, Ava Gray 6th (Under 10). Full results here.

11/2  -  San Diego Cyclocross weekend photos by Richard Murphy are posted.

10/30  -  Velodrome Cyclocross, Balboa Park, San Diego -  Brent Prenzlow 2nd (Men A); Ben Jones 3rd, Phillip Gray 6th, Mark Campaigne 8th (35+ A); David Lawson 12th, Mike Coday 16th, Jesus Ortega 17th (35+ B); Geoff Albert 6th (45+ A); David Williams 11th, Richard Murphy 14th (45+ B); Jack Guenther 11th (55+); Pam Gray 3rd, Annette Padilla 4th (Women 35+); Thad Sparrow 4th, Mark Campaigne 5th (Single Speed A); David Lawson 10th, Jeff Sigua 11th (Single Speed B); Dinorah Lawson 4th (SS Women); Drew Campaigne 9th (Boy 10-14); Madeline Campaigne 2nd (Girls 15-18); Clarisa Ortega 5th (Girls 10-14); Jameson Campaigne 1st, Liam Gray 8th, Ava Gray 9th, Isiah Roy 10th, Olivia Lawson 11th (Under 10). Full results are here.

10/29  -  Spy-clocross, Lake Hodges, San Diego - Brent Prenzlow 1st (Men A); Josh Roy 9th (Men B); Mike Coday 12th (Men C); Mark Campaigne 6th (35+ A); David Lawson 8th, Kermit McGovern 9th (35+ B); Jeff Sanford 3rd (45+ A); Richard Murphy 9th (45+ B); Annette Padilla 4th (Women 35+); Annette Padilla 5th (SS Women); Drew Campaigne 4th (Boy 10-14); Madeline Campaigne 1st (Girls 15-18); Jameson Campaigne 2nd (Under 10). Full results are here.

10/23  -  SLO Cross #1: El Chorro Regional park, San Luis Obispo, CA - Brent Prenzlow 5th (Men Elite/A); Mike Coday 4th (men C); Mark Campaigne 6th (35+ A); David Lawson 5th (35+ B); Mark Campaigne 4thh (SS A); David Lawson 7th (SS B); Drew Campagine 5th (10-14). Full results are here.

10/22  -  SCPS #6/Dirt Club Cross, Los Olivos, CA - Brent Prenzlow 2nd (Men Elite/A); Mark Campaigne 4th, Phillip Gray 7th (35+ A); David Lawson 8th, Jesus Ortega 11th (35+ B); David Williams 9th (45+ B); Pam Gray 5th (W35+); Mark Campaigne 4th (SS A); Drew Campagine 4th (10-14); Clarisa Ortega 5th (Girls 10-14); Liam Gray 3rd, Ava Gray 4th (Youth U10). Full results are here.

10/16  -  Tom's Farm Time Trial, Temecula, CA - Mike Plumb 6th, Paul Miller 7th (50+).

10/16  -  Spooky Cross Day 2, Irvine, CA - Brent Prenzlow 13th (UCI Elite Men); Joshua Roy 9th (Men B); Phillip Gray 9th , Mark Campaigne 10th (Masters 35+ A); Jeff Sanford 4th (45+ A); David Van Waldick 14th (55+); David Lawson 14th, Kermit McGovern 16th, Jesus Ortega 25th (Masters Men 35+ B); Pam Gray 5th (Women 35+); Leann Storino 1st (Women 45+); Thad Sparrow 8th, Mark Campaigne 13th (SS A); Dinorah Lawson 3rd (SS Women); Drew Campaigne 9th (Jr. Boys 10-14), Clarissa Ortega 8th (Jr. Girls 10-14); Jameson Campaigne 3rd, Ava Gray 6th, Liam Gray 7th, Olivia Lawson 10th (Youth Under 10). Full results here.

10/15  -  Spooky Cross Day 1, Irvine, CA - Brent Prenzlow 21st (UCI Elite Men); Mike Coday 25th, Richard Murphy 36th (Men C); Phillip Gray 8th (Masters Men 35+ A); David Lawson 14th, Jesus Ortega 28th (Masters Men 35+ B); David Williams 25th, David Bales 32nd (Master Men 45+ B); Pam Gray 6th, Annette Padilla 7th (Women 35+); Alex Ter-Vrugt 7th, Thad Sparrow 10th (SS A); Dinorah Lawson 4th, Annette Padilla 6th (SS Women); Drew Campaigne 10th (Jr. Boys 10-14), Madeline Campaigne 5th (Jr.  Girls 15-18); Clarissa Ortega 10th (Jr. Girls 10-14); Jameson Campaigne 3rd, Olivia Lawson 6th (Youth Under 10). Full results here. Photos by Richard Murphy Here.

10/9  -  Krosstoberfest, Temecula, CA - Brent Prenzlow 6th (Men A); Kermit McGovern 13th (Men C); Alex Ter-Vrugt 4th, Mark Campaigne 8th, Phillip Gray 9th, Ben Jones 11th (Masters Men 35+ A); Jeff Sanford 3rd (Master Men 45+ A); David Lawson 12th, Jesus Ortega 25th (Masters Men 35+ B); David Williams 22nd, David Bales 29th, Richard Murphy 34th (Master Men 45+ B); Annette Padilla 9th (Women A) and 3rd (SS Women); Pamela Gray 5th (Master Women 35+); Leeann Storino 1st (Master Women 45+); Mark Campaigne 8th (SS A); Dave Lawson 11th (SS B); Drew Campaigne 9th (Jr. Men 10-14), Madeline Campaigne 4th (Jr. Women 15-18), Jameson Campaigne 3rd, Liam Gray 4th, Ava Gray 5th, Olivia Lawson 6th (Youth Under 10). Photos by Richard Murphy here.

10/2 -  US Cup, Specialized Fall Finals/CA State Championships, Temecula - Dave Williams 3rd (Cat 2 50-54); Kermit McGovern 4th (Cat 2 35-39); Mike Coday 6th (Cat 3 40-44); Jesus Ortega 5th (Cat 3 35-39). Full results here.

9/25 -  Camarillo Crossfest - Mark Campaigne 9th, Phillip Gray 12th (Masters 35+ A), Jeff Sanford 1st, Geoff Albert 15th (45+ A), David Lawson 9th, Jesus Ortega 29th (masters 35+ B), David Williams 25th (Masters 45+ B), Clare Campaigne 7th (Women 35+), Mark Campaigne 9th (SS A), Dinorah Lawson 5th (SS Women), Drew Campaigne 10th (10-14), Madeline Campaigne 4th, Clarissa Ortega 5th (10-14), Jameson Campaigne 13th, Liam Gray 7th, Ava Gray 9th, Olivia Lawson 12th (Youth). Full results here.

9/18 -  DTLA Cyclocross, Los Angeles - Phillip Gray 8th, Mark Campaigne 14th (Masters 35+ A), Geoff Albert 9th (45+ A), David Lawson 9th, Jesus Ortega 22nd (masters 35+ B), David Williams 8th (Masters 45+ B), Josh Roy 25h (Men A), Annette Padilla 5th, Pam Gray 6th (Women 35+), Mark Campaigne 7th, Thad Sparrow 8th (SS A), Dinorah Lawson 3rd, Annette Padilla 4th (SS Women), Drew Campaigne 9th (10-14),  Madeline Campaigne 2nd, Clarissa Ortega 3rd (10-14), Jameson Campaigne 4th, Liam Gray 7th, Ava Gray 9th, Olivia Lawson 11th (Youth). Full results here.

9/18 -  Rim Nordic Autumn Cup, Mtb XC - Kermit McGovern, 2nd 35-39 Sport.

9/11 -  Fiesta Island Time Trial - Paul Miller, 3rd (50+) in 28:58. Full results here.

9/10 -  Never Forget 100 mile mtb race by Racers & Chasers, San Diego - Brent Prenzlow, 2nd (Pro Men), Alex Ter-vrugt 6th overall (1st Open). Results here. Mtb Race News coverage.

9/3 -  Park City Point to Point 78mi Mtb (NUE Series), Utah - Brent Prenzlow, 20th (Men's Open). Official Results here. MtbRaceNews photo/article. Cycling News report/result

8/28 -  San Clemente Criterium - Ben Littler, 13th (cat 4). Full results here.

8/21 -  Rim Nordic XC #4 - Kermit McGovern, 15th (4th 35-39) Sport Full Results here.

8/14 -  Ladera Ranch Grand Prix - Kermit McGovern 10th (30+ 4/5), Ben Littler, 27th (Masters 30+ 4/5) & 34th (40+ 4/5), Pey-Lih Littler, 5th (women 3-4), Chan Huynh 39th (Cat 3). Full results here.

8/7 -  Brentwood Grand Prix - Ben Littler, 37th (Masters 35+), Pey-Lih Littler, 7th (women 4), Chan Huynh 68th (Cat 3). Full results here.

8/6 -  Our annual club election meeting was held August 6th after the Group Ride at the Grand Deli. Good to see everyone out for the meeting/lunch.

7/31 -  Rim Nordic XC #3 - Kermit McGovern, 32nd (6th 35-39) Sport Full Results here.

7/31 -  Torrance Criterium - Ben Littler, 14th (Masters 35+).

7/24 -  San Marcos Criterium - Chan Huynh, 25 (cat 3), Ben Littler, 26th (cat 4), Pey-Lih Littler, 5th (women 3/4). Full results here.

7/17 -  SCNCA Masters Crit Champs, Carson - Pey-Lih Littler, 6th (Women 35+), Ben  Littler, 26th (Masters 35+) & 30th (Masters 40+). Full results here.

7/17 -  Racers & Chasers Mtb XC, Julian - Alex Ter-vrugt 1st (40-49 Expert), David Lawson 4th (Sport 40-44), Annette Padilla 3rd (Sport W 40-49). Full results here.

7/16 -  Okole Stuff Cup Mtb XC, Irvine Regional Park - Brent Prenzlow 1st Pro & Fastest Lap Prime. Full results here. Race report/photos on Mtb Race News!

7/9 -  Fire Road Cycling 100K Mtb, Cedar City, UT - Brent Prenzlow 1st Overall and KOM Winner. Race Article: Prenzlow, Newby-Fraser win inaugural Fire Road race

7/3 -  Ontario Grand Prix Criterium - Kermit Mcgovern, 19th (cat 4/5 30+), Steve Cahill 31st (55+)

6/26 -  Rim Nordic XC #1 - Kermit Mcgovern, 29th (7th 35-39) Sport Full Results here.

6/26 -  Manhattan Beach Grand Prix - Steve Cahill, 14th (55+). Full results here.

6/25 -  Racers & Chasers Mtb XC, Sycamore Cyn, San Diego - Brent Prenzlow 2nd (Pro), Jack Guenther 1st (Sport 60+), Alex Ter-vrugt 3rd (Marathon). Full results.

6/19 -  US Cup, Kenda Cup West #7, Big Bear - Dave Lawson 12th (Cat 2 40-44); Dave Williams 6th (Cat 2 50-54); Jesus Ortega 7th (Cat 3 35-39); Alex Ter-Vrugt 3rd (50 miler 40-49); Geoff Albert 4th (50 miler SS). Full results here.

6/19 -  San Pedro Grand Prix - Steve Cahill, 4th (55+), Chan Huynh, 34th (cat 3) and 31st (Men 45+), Pey-Lih Littler, 8th (women 3/4). Full results here.

6/18 -  Lumberjack 100 Mtb (NUE Series), Manistee, Michigan - Brent Prenzlow, 4th (Men's Open). Cycling News report/photos MtbRaceNews  VeloNews report/photos

6/12 -  Ontario Airport Criterium - Steve Cahill, 2nd (55-60+), 7th (50+); Kermit McGovern, 22nd, Jacob Tung, 48th (30+ 4/5). Full results here.

6/5 - US Cup, Santa Ynez Valley Classic, Santa Ynez - Dave Williams 3rd (Cat 2 50-54). Results Here

6/4-5 -  SCNCA District Road Race Championships, Bakersfield - Steve Cahill, 13th (55+), Jacob Tung 17th (30+ 3/4), Chan Huynh, 55th (Cat 3). Full results here.

5/30 -  CBR #7 Memorial Day Crit, Ontario - Kermit McGovern, 14th (30+ 4/5).

5/29 -  Barry Wolfe Grad Prix - Ben Littler, 32nd (Masters 35+).

5/22 - US Cup, Big Bear Shootout, Big Bear - Ben Jones 16th (Pro Men); Jacob Tung 13th (Cat 2 35-39); Dave Williams 3rd (Cat 2 50-54); Jesus Ortega 4th (Cat 3 35-39); Mike Coday 13th (Cat 3 40-44). Full Results here

5/16 New Photos here from SLR RR by Lee Willmore - Please note they are free to all for downloading. Thanks Lee!

5/15 -  Mid Season Criterium, Ontario- Steve Cahill 7th (55+); Kermit McGovern, 16th (30+ 4/5). Full results here.

5/7 - Rockhopper Classic Mtb XC, Vacaville - Brent Prenzlow 1st (Pro). Full results here.

5/7 -  Barrio Logan GP, San Diego - Ben Littler, 20th (3/4); Kermit McGovern, 31st (Cat 4); Juan Alvergue 24th (cat 5). Full results here.

5/2 -  San Luis Rey Road Race - Thanks to everyone who volunteered to make for a great day of racing! Thanks also to all the racers who came out and made for some exciting race action -> Race Results are now posted here.
Photos by Richard Murphy!

5/1 -  Dana Point GP - Ben Littler, 30th (35+ 3/4); Kermit McGovern, 16th (30+ 4/5). Full results here.

4/30 - San Luis Rey Road Race, Bonsall - Brent Prenzlow 9th (Pro/1/2); Ben Littler 11th (30+ 4/5); Anthony Bramante 16th (Cat 5A); Annette Padilla 5th (Women 35+); Pey-Lih Littler 11th (Women 4). Full results here.

4/24 - Chuck Pontius Criterium, Santa Clarita - Chan Huynh 33rd (40+ 3/4),  Pey-Lih Littler 3rd (Women 4). Full results here.

4/23 - San Diego Duathlon - Annette Padilla, 4th (Open Women). Full results here.

4/23 - Devil's Punchbowl Road Race, Pearblossom - Chan Huynh 19th (Cat 3), Ben Littler 10th (40+ 4/5), Pey-Lih Littler 18th (Women 4). Full results here.

4/14-17 - Sea Otter Classic, Monterey - Jesus Ortega 17th Road Race (Cat 4 Masters 35+), 9th Cross Country (Cat 3 35-39). Full results here.

4/10 - Julian Death March mtn bike race - Brent Prenzlow 1st overall (86 miler); Alex Ter-Vrugt 3rd (64 mile). Full results here. Mtb Race News report & photos here.

4/10 - Cyclovets Criterium, San Diego - Chan Huynh 25th (Cat 3), Jason Kirsch 34th (Masters 35+) 26th (Cat 5), Kermit McGovern 29th, Ben Littler 24th (Cat 4), Pey-Lih Littler 1st (Women cat 4).

4/9 - Vleeshuis Road race, Bakersfield - Chan Huynh 36th (Cat 3), Ben Littler 11th (Masters 30+ 4-5), Pey-Lih Littler 5th (Women cat 3-4).

4/4 - US Cup, Sycamore Canyon, Riverside - Ben Jones 10th (Pro Men); Geoff Albert 8th (Cat 2 SS); Dave Williams 8th (Cat 2 50-54); Jesus Ortega 3rd (Cat 3 35-39). Full results

3/26-27 -  US Cup, Fontana City National - Ben Jones 74th (Pro Men); Dave Williams 4th (Cat 2 50-54); Jesus Ortega 4th (Cat 3 35-39). Pro Results Full Am Results

3/20 -  Spring Classic Grand Prix, Ontario- Pey-Lih Littler 4th (Women Cat 4), 17th (Masters men 50+ and 60+). Kermit McGovern, 20th (30+ 4/5).

3/13 -  US Cup, Bonelli Park, San Dimas - Ben Jones 3rd (Cat 1 35-39); Alex Ter-Vrugt 12th (Cat 1 40-44); Dave Williams 9th (Cat 2 50-54); Jesus Ortega 11th (Cat 3 35-39) . Full results here.

3/13 -  CBR Crit #4 - Jason Kirsch 19th (30+ 4/5), 13th (Cat 5). Results here.

3/12 -  Tour de Murrieta Crit - Kermit McGovern, 38th (Cat 4).

3/12 -  Fiesta Island Time Trial, San Diego - Annette Padilla, 1:12 (40K), Pey-Lih Littler 5th, W40+ (32:59, 20K). Full results here.

3/6 -  Racers & Chasers Mtb XC, Black Mtn, San Diego - Annette Padilla 2nd (Sport W40-49), Leeann Storino 1st (Expert Women), Brent Prenzlow 1st (Pro), Ben Jones 1st (Expert 30-39), Alex Ter-vrugt 3rd (Expert 40-49). Full results.

2/28 -  Beginner/Kids Ride: March 12th -  Meet near the back gate of Camp Pendleton (Vandegrift & Papagallo, 92057) between 8:30 - 9am; Roll out at 9:15. Ride down the bike trail 14 miles to the Deli (8 miles is protected/dedicated bike-only traffic), then optional ride back after the meeting. Pretty flat. Pace will probably be around 10mph. More info coming...

2/27 -  Sagebrush Safari, Lake Morena - Ben Jones 3rd (Cat 1 35-39); Alex Ter-Vrugt 4th (Cat 1 40-44); Dave Williams 3rd (Cat 2 50-54).

2/27 -  Ontario Crit #1 - Kermit McGovern, 21st (30+ 4/5).

2/25 -  RESCHEDULED Club Meeting after the group ride on Mar 12th at the Grand Deli.

2/13 -  Roger Millikan Memorial Crit, Brea - Chan Huynh 31st (Cat 3), Ben Littler 24th (Cat 4), Mike Plumb 49th (50+), Pey-Lih Littler 9th (Women 3/4).  Full results here.

2/6 -  Red Trolley Classic, San Diego - Chan Huynh 24th (Cat 3), Ben Littler 21st (Cat 4). Full results here.

2/5 -  Boulevard Road Race, San Diego - Chan Huynh 25th (Cat 3), Leeann Storino 10th, Pey-Lih Littler 38th (Women 3/4). Full results here.

1/30 -  Mothball Criterium, Santa Barbara - Pey-Lih Littler 3rd (Women Cat 4). Full results here.

1/29 -  Racers & Chasers Mtb XC, Balboa Park, San Diego- Annette Padilla 1st (Sport W40-49), David Williams 1st (Sport 50-59), Brent Prenzlow 2nd, Ben Jones 4th (Pro), Alex Ter-vrugt 3rd (Marathon). Full results here. Photos by Erich Herber here.  Race report on Mtb Race News.

1/29 -  Poor College Kids Road Race, Santa Barbara - Pey-Lih Littler 10th (Women Cat 3/4). Full results here.

1/23 -  Cross Fever #3/Finals, Hanson Dam, LA - Drew Campaigne 1st (B10-14), Brent Prenzlow 1st (Men A/B), David Williams 7th, Jesus Ortega 30th (Men B/C); Brent Prenzlow 1st, Mark Campaigne 6th, Jesus Ortega 10th ,Dave Williams 12th (Masters 35+); David Williams 8th (45+); Annette Padilla 6th (Women A/B); Mark Campaigne 2nd (SS A); David Lawson 6th, Jameson Campaigne 10th (SS B); Dinorah Lawson 3rd, Annette Padilla 4th (SS Women). Madeline Campaigne 3rd, Eris Albert-Minckler 5th (G10-14); Jameson Campaigne 6th (Youth). Full results here.

1/22 -  12hrs of Temecula #1, Vail Lake - Andrew Dickenson 5th, Jeff Sigua 7th (Men Solo Single speed).

1/16 -  SoCal vs NorCal CX Championships / Cross Fever #2, Bakersfield - SoCal wins the State Championship Title, and Celo Pacific wins the team award! Drew Campaigne 2nd (B10-14); Madeline Campagine 4th, Clarisa Ortega 5th (G10-14); Jameson Campaigne 4th (<10); Lee Willmore 8th (55+); Brent Prenzlow 1st, Mark Campaigne 5th, David Lawson 15th (Singlespeed); Dinorah Lawson 4th (SS Women); Brent Prenzlow 2nd, Mark Campaigne 9th, David Lawson 31st, Jesus Ortega 32nd, David Williams 33rd (Masters 35+); Brent Prenzlow 2nd (Elite Open). Full Results are here!

1/15 -  Racers and Chasers Mtb XC, Cahuilla Creek - Annette Padilla, 1st (Women 40-49), Alex Ter-vrugt, 2nd (Marathon). Full results here.

1/9 -  Cross Fever #1, Mt SAC, Walnut - Drew Campaigne 1st (10-14), Brent Prenzlow 1st (Men A/B), Brent Prenzlow 1st, Mark Campaigne 4th, Dave Williams 12th, Jesus Ortega 15th (Masters 35+); David Williams 10th (45+); Leeann Storino 2nd, Annette Padilla 6th (Women A/B); Clare Campaigne 6th (W35+); Mark Campaigne 2nd (SS A); David Lawson 4th (SS B); Annette Padilla 3rd (SS Women). Madeline Campaigne 3rd, Clarisa Ortega 4th (10-14); Jameson Campaigne 2nd (Youth). Full results here.

1/8 -  Remembering Mark - Today is 7 yrs since we lost our friend & teammate. Take a moment to remember Mark and visit

1/1 - Happy New Year!

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