2004 Cross Photos

Bay Area Super Prestige CX #1
Star Crossed Cyclocross
Tour de Tunnel Cyclocross
Celo Pacific Cyclocross #1
US Gran Prix of CX #1 - Portland
US Gran Prix of CX #2 - Tacoma
Urban Cyclocross #1, Compton
Scary Fast #1, Cal U., Thousand Oaks
Celo Pacific Cyclocross #2
US Gran Prix of CX #5 - New Jersey
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Elite Men at start line Behrens/Herring
The early leaders Prenzlow
Pontoni attacks Noble splashes
The Chase group Coats rides it
McMahon/Herring Prenzlow rides it
Pontoni rides mud pit Noble big splash
Herring determined Dan Breyer
Prenzlow cleans the mud hole Cervantes glides
John Behrens rides it Mud hole victim
John Behrens focused BP after a mud bath
Pontoni in trouble Morris
Thad Sparrow runs Paolini up and out
Prenzlow remounts 4th place fight
Pontoni leads Hernandez chases
Gary Hanson  
Pontoni runs Dorothy Wong


Scary Fast Cyclocross #1, Cal Lutheran, Thousand Oaks, CA  10/17

Photo 1: Brent Prenzlow (Salsa - Celo Pacific) on the way to a 2nd place finish in the Elite Men's field. Photo courtesy of Dorothy Wong.