2005 Cyclocross Photos

So Cal Cup #1: Urban Cross
Tailwind UCI CX, Waterford, Michigan
Star Crossed, Redmond, Washington
US Gran Prix #1: Portland, Oregon
US Gran Prix #2: Tacoma, Washington
Celo Pacific Cyclocross: Vista, CA
Verdugo Cyclocross, Glendale, CA
Lower Allen Classic UCI, Harrisburg, PA
Highland Park UCI, New Jersey
US Gran Prix #5: Watsonville, CA
US Gran Prix #6: San Francisco, CA
Turkey Trot CX, Glendale, CA
California State Championships, Irvine
National Championships, Providence, RI
Santa Cross, Woodland Hills, CA
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Brent Prenzlow start of Liberty Cup
Jeff Herring / Tim Johnson
Peter Morris tangled up
Peter Morris barriers
Brent Prenzlow run-up in Liberty Cup
Jeff Herring run-up in Liberty Cup
John Behrens running during Liberty Cup
Chuck Morris 45-49
Lee Willmore 60+


U.S.Cyclocross National Championships, Providence, RI  12/9 - 12/11/2005

Brent Prenzlow (center, red #56) is stuck in traffic and rides over #76 Myles Romanow's bike during the start of the Liberty Cup Elite race on Sunday. Photo by Dennis Smith.