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Thanks to race sponsors:


Muckenthaler Cross is part of the

 presented by:






the 1st annual
Muckenthaler Cyclocross
presented by
Celo Pacific

$800 Cash + Merchandise prizes and/or gift certificates from Speedplay, B & L Bike and Sports, SockGuy, and Clif Bar.     
USCF Permit Pending

Pre-registration available at:

Sept 17: Muckenthaler Museum, Fullerton, CA

Start Time CX Categories Duration Awards
9:00 Junior Boys/Girls, 10-14, 15-18 35 minutes Top 6 - Merchandise Prizes
10:00 Men 3/4 45 minutes Top 6 - Merchandise Prizes
10:01 Masters 45+ 45 minutes Top 6 - Merchandise Prizes
10:02 Masters 55+ 45 minutes Top 6 - Merchandise Prizes
11:00 Masters 35+ 45 minutes Top 6 - Merchandise Prizes
11:01 Womens 1/2/3 45 minutes Top 6 - $250 cash (85/55/35/30/25/20) 
11:02 Singlespeed 45 minutes Top 6 - Merchandise Prizes
12:00 Mens 1/2/3 60 minutes Top 8 - $550 cash (130/100/80/70/60/50/35/25)
1:15 Men 4/One-Day license 35 minutes Top 6 - Merchandise Prizes
1:16 Womens 3/4, 35+ 35 minutes Top 6 - Merchandise Prizes
Entries: All categories $20, except JUNIORS RACE FOR FREE with a  USCF or NORBA license, and cash payback categories (Mens 1/2/3 & Womens 1/2/3) are $25. Annual or one-day USCF licenses are required. One-day USCF licenses will be available for $10 at registration, including Juniors. If you want to do an additional race the entry fee is $10 except second race FREE for juniors. There are No Late Fees!! Registration opens at 8:00AM the day of the race. No pre-registration is necessary. Registration for each category closes 15 minutes before the race start. 
SoCal Cross Prestige Series: Points will be awarded to the top 15 riders in each of the SoCal Cross Prestige Series races for the categories of Elite Men 1/2/3, Elite Women 1/2/3, Men 3/4, Women 3/4, Juniors 10-14, 15-18, Women Masters 35+, and Men Masters 35+, 45+, 55+.  In determining the overall series winners in each category, each riders final points tally will be based on best 6 of 8 races. Categories with combined start times will be scored separately for series points. Points are not transferable between categories. Points for 1st through 15th place: 20, 17, 15, 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  Please visit for more information. All categories except Men 4/One-day license (Men's C) above are scored for Prestige Series points.
Muckenthaler Cross is also part of SCNCA Cross Cup and information can be found at:
Course: Muckenthaler Cyclocross, held on the grounds of the Muckenthaler Cultural Center, is a new venue. Known primarily for art exhibitions, theatre performances, and musical concerts, the Muckenthaler mansion and theatre are located within 8.5 acres of parkland just a mile west of downtown Fullerton. Racers will speed up and down green hillsides, through groves of trees, and past rows of palms and the historic 1924 Italianate Muckenthaler mansion.
Rules: USCF cyclocross rules apply. CYCLOCROSS AND MOUNTAIN BIKES (No Bar ends) ARE WELCOME. Bike and wheel changes are allowed in the designated pit areas. Riders must wear helmets at all times when on the bike. Riders shall stay on the course or existing trails. Finally, please respect the venue and the locals. We want to put on more races and neighborhood satisfaction is very important. An overview of Cyclocross (

Categories: For a rider getting his first license, he starts at cat 4 and then upgrades by earning points just like on the road. The schedule above represents CX categories. For returning riders, their CX category is determined by using the algorithm below:
Road Cat 1 or Pro = CX cat 1
Road cat 2 = CX cat 2
Road cat 3 = CX cat 3
Road cat 4 or 5 = CX cat 4

If the rider has a NORBA license, then the algorithm is:
Pro = CX cat 1
Semi-pro = CX cat 2
Expert = CX cat 3
Beginner or sport = CX cat 4

If the rider is both, then they get the higher of the categories if they are different. Now, that being said, clearly this algorithm is just a starting point. In this first year, the local associations and regional coordinators will be in a position to modify a riderís CX category if their knowledge of the rider and his results would show this doesnít work. i.e. it is very possible to be a cat 3 road rider but be an exceptional CX rider who usually wins the A races.

AGE: Important! What is your Cross racing age? A riderís racing age for the Cross Season is the 'racing age' theyíll be at worlds for that season. A riderís 2007 racing age IS their racing age from the beginning of the 2006 cross season for all categories. Please note: '2007 racing age' is your age on Dec 31, 2007. Whatever that age is, is how you race for the entire 2006-2007 cyclocross season running Sept 06 - January 07.

Contacts: Click to email Celo Pacific.