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Thanks to race sponsors:


Storm the Beach Cross
presented by Celo Pacific

Merchandise prizes and/or gift certificates from Speedplay pedals, B & L Bike and Sports, SockGuy, Clif Bar, Kool 'N Fit, FRS, and 3 Pines Lodge.
USCF Permit Pending.

Jan 7: Camp Pendleton, California

Start Time CX Categories Duration Awards
10:00 Masters 35+ 45 minutes Top 3 - Merchandise Prizes
10:01 Womens 1/2/3 45 minutes 100% cash payback based on # of Entries
10:02 Singlespeed 45 minutes Top 3 - Merchandise Prizes
11:00 Men 3/4 45 minutes Top 3 - Merchandise Prizes
11:01 Masters 45+ 45 minutes Top 3 - Merchandise Prizes
11:02 Masters 55+ 45 minutes Top 3 - Merchandise Prizes
12:00 Men 4/One-Day license/Military 35 minutes Top 3 - Merchandise Prizes
12:01 Junior Boys/Girls, 10-14, 15-18 35 minutes Top 3 - Merchandise Prizes
12:02 Womens 3/4/Military 35 minutes Top 3 - Merchandise Prizes
1:00 Mens 1/2/3 60 minutes 100% cash payback based on # of Entries
Fees: All racers must possess annual or one-day USCF/NORBA race license.
One-day race license available for $10.  Men 1/2/3 & Women 1/2/3 entry fee
is $25.  JUNIORS and MILITARY categories pay NO ENTRY FEE.  All other
categories $20.  Each additional race is $10. Registration opens at 9:00AM
the day of the race.  No Late Fees! Registration for each category closes 15
minutes before race start.
Location/Directions: Easy access - Immediately west of Interstate 5 Freeway.
"Red Beach", Camp Pendleton, California is located in North San Diego County
between Oceanside and San Clemente.  Approximately one (1) hour South of
downtown Los Angeles, or North of downtown San Diego.  From I-5 Freeway
(north or southbound), exit LAS PULGAS Road.  Go WEST on Pulgas Rd, proceed
through the open yellow gate onto a dirt road toward the ocean to the
parking area.
Course Description:  Wide FAST dirt roads.  Two (2) deep sand running
sections (about 75 feet each); with a long, rideable hard-pack beach section
in the middle.  Small climbs with a few technical turns, and one (1) barrier
section.  Bleachers near the start/finish offer great views of the course,
as well as the beautiful Pacific Coast shoreline.
Rules: USCF cyclocross rules apply. Cyclocross AND MOUNTAIN BIKES are
welcome (no bar ends).  Bike and wheel changes are allowed in the designated
pit areas.  Riders must wear helmets at all times when on the bike.  Riders
shall stay on the course or existing trails. An overview of Cyclocross

Categories: For a rider getting his first license, he starts at cat 4 and then upgrades by earning points just like on the road. The schedule above represents CX categories. For returning riders, their CX category is determined by using the algorithm below:
Road Cat 1 or Pro = CX cat 1
Road cat 2 = CX cat 2
Road cat 3 = CX cat 3
Road cat 4 or 5 = CX cat 4

If the rider has a NORBA license, then the algorithm is:
Pro = CX cat 1
Semi-pro = CX cat 2
Expert = CX cat 3
Beginner or sport = CX cat 4

If the rider is both, then they get the higher of the categories if they are different. Now, that being said, clearly this algorithm is just a starting point. In this first year, the local associations and regional coordinators will be in a position to modify a riderís CX category if their knowledge of the rider and his results would show this doesnít work. i.e. it is very possible to be a cat 3 road rider but be an exceptional CX rider who usually wins the A races.

AGE: Important! What is your Cross racing age? A riderís racing age for the Cross Season is the 'racing age' theyíll be at worlds for that season. A riderís 2007 racing age IS their racing age from the beginning of the 2006 cross season for all categories. Please note: '2007 racing age' is your age on Dec 31, 2007. Whatever that age is, is how you race for the entire 2006-2007 cyclocross season running Sept 06 - January 07.

Contacts: Click to email Celo Pacific.