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SC Velo @ Bonelli Park Cross Race Report by John Bailey

I had high hopes going into today’s race as it was at the end of a rest week for me and the course suited me well.  I warmed up a lot more this time and was ready to come out swinging.


I had a good start and a small group of us weaned the pack down to just four of us.  On the 2nd or 3rd lap, my teammate Didier came around me and took the lead.  I started having thoughts of our last race where he beat me soundly and kept tight to his wheel this time.  Shortly thereafter, the fourth place guy attacked and flew by us.  He had too much speed going into an off-camber downhill section and clipped a tree – wiping all four of us out.  I jumped up as fast as possible and was off – now leading the race with only one guy on me.  I went down pretty hard and I could feel the road rash all over my left arm and leg plus both my shifters were bent making my shifting for the 2nd half of the race a little rough.  Didier got a flat tire and that pretty much took him out of the race as the bike change pit was a good half mile away.


I timed my attack for the start of the last lap knowing that if the chaser came with me, I could still recover for a final sprint.  I pulled along side him and saw the fatigue in his face.  I hit it hard and never saw him again.  At some point in all this, I also got the “fastest lap time” award so despite the injuries – a very good race!


My heart rates where unbelievably high.  I dipped down to 164 when I was resting up for the final lap but an average of 180 with a maximum of 189 is unheard of for me.  This training stuff really works!

Start of the race with “Celo Pac” in the front.  Mark Champagne graciously gave me his front row spot.  Thanks!

Here is the group of four…..and a heckler (John Behrens) with a cow bell running along side us!

And we still can’t shake that CAT 1 heckler……

This is the group of two after the crash…note the dirt all along my left side.

Notice my shifters bent all inward…..

Look Mom…NO HANDS!

CAT 3/4 Podium