2006 Cyclocross Photos

SCPS#1: Muckenthaler Cross
UCI Michigan
SCPS#2: Incycle CX Challenge
UCI Ohio
US Gran Prix 3 & 4: Colorado
US Gran Prix 5: Tacoma, Washington
SCPS #7, Turkey Trot Cross
UCI Kansas City
SCPS #8, State Champs at Hanson Dam
U.S. CX Nationals, Providence, RI
SCPS #9/Finals, Santa Cross
Storm The Beach! Cross
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Jim Cushing-murray
Brent Prenzlow remounts
Brent Prenzlow gasps for air
John Behrens
Brent Prenzlow/Doug Swanson
John Behrens remounted

Brent Prenzlow near barriers
John Behrens near barriers

John Behrens corners
Brent Prenzlow past the pits
John Behrens passing the pits
Brent Prenzlow bridge crossing
BP, One Lap To Go
Brent Prenzlow - Boulder Cup
Brent Prenzlow off-camber
John Behrens across the grass


US Gran Prix of Cyclocross #3, Xilinx Cup - Longmont, Colorado

Celo Pacific's Jim Cushing-murray, who now lives in Frisco, Colorado, was out representing in the Masters 55+. Photo by Mitch Clinton/www.clintonphoto.com