Muckenthaler Cross Race Report by John Bailey

Cross racing is hard. Here is my proof (174 avg heart rate):

My objective for my first cross race this year was to get a good start and be smooth as possible throughout.  I have put very little time on the crossbike so my expectations weren’t too great.  Furthermore, we are grouped as “Mens Cat 3 and 4” – which means that as a Cat 4, I was racing against the faster, more experienced Cat 3’s.  The result?  Well, I did pretty well off the start, rounding the first turn in about 8th place (40+ riders), but I wasn’t very smooth…I guess the nerves of stretching out a solid 2nd place finish kept me from relaxing ;)

My teammate Didier got 1st, a Cat 3 featherweight.  The course was mostly grass with a lot of short climbs – perfect for his slight stature.

I think Fion may have done more running than me…as can be seen in the variety of pictures below:

Here is one of the running sections…

One of the only downhill sections….

Another run-up…

Re-mounting incorrectly can be hazardous to your future family plans…this is fortunately the correct way to land on your inner thigh ;)

 And hopefully the first of many podium shots this season…