2006 Cyclocross Photos

SCPS#1: Muckenthaler Cross
UCI Michigan
SCPS#2: Incycle CX Challenge
UCI Ohio
US Gran Prix 3 & 4: Colorado
US Gran Prix 5: Tacoma, Washington
SCPS #7, Turkey Trot Cross
UCI Kansas City
SCPS #8, State Champs at Hanson Dam
U.S. CX Nationals, Providence, RI
SCPS #9/Finals, Santa Cross
Storm The Beach! Cross
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Brent Prenzlow breaks away
BP opens up the gap
Chase group sand run up
Prenzlow approaches the run
BP kicking up the sand
John Behrens, sand cornering
Brent rides the downhill sand
Behrens catches the chase
The race for 2nd
Last race of the day

Richard Murphy sand run
Dan Breyer singlespeeding it
Major Mark Campaigne
High Tide - Mark C
David Bales, 45+ Winner
Lee Wilmore rides the surf
Alex & Phillip lead the 3/4s
Matt Sheremeta gets wet
Chris Riordan / Cat 4 start
Peter Morris, 10-14 boys
Paul Welsh rides strong

Dorothy Wong dismounts
Didier Jourdain barriers
Chuck Morris / Didier Jourdain
Roberto Jourdain finishes
Jeff Herring downhill
Elite Men's pack sand run up
Behrens leads at the top
Brent Prenzlow takes the lead
Deep sand riding
Elite Men's 1/2/3 Podium
Chris Riordan climbs
David Bales wins 45+
Alex wins the 3/4s
Doug Miller climbs
Phillip Gray barriers
Jesus Ortega climbing


Storm The Beach! Cross, Camp Pendelton, CA

Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Salsa) breaks away on lap 2 in the Men's 1/2/3 race with 4 riders chasing hard. Photo by Mitch Clinton / www.clintonphoto.com .