2006 Cyclocross Photos

SCPS#1: Muckenthaler Cross
UCI Michigan
SCPS#2: Incycle CX Challenge
UCI Ohio
US Gran Prix 3 & 4: Colorado
US Gran Prix 5: Tacoma, Washington
SCPS #7, Turkey Trot Cross
UCI Kansas City
SCPS #8, State Champs at Hanson Dam
U.S. CX Nationals, Providence, RI
SCPS #9/Finals, Santa Cross
Storm The Beach! Cross
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Brent Prenzlow leads early
John Behrens over the barriers
Behrens remounts quickly
B.P. over the barriers
The Prenzlow remounts
Leaders BP and Chance Noble
Behrens battles Easter
John Behrens/Alan Coats
Didier Jourdain barriers
Behrens sand ride
The Prenzlow leads
Behrens/Easter grass
B.P. over the finish line
Sprint Finish for 4th
Didier takes 11th
Mens 1/2/3 Podium
Turkey Trot Title Belt
Post race - belt and beer
Carolyn and Mandy
Women's 1/2/3 podium
John Bailey sand shot
Men's 3/4 Podium
Mark Campaigne leads
Mark Campaigne wins 4s


Turkey Trot Cross, Verdugo Park, Glendale, California

Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Salsa) takes the lead on lap 2. Photo by Fion/John Bailey.