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Mark J. Reynolds

I am sorry to pass on to you, who haven't already been told or heard from the news, that fellow cyclist Mark Reynolds was killed by a mountain lion while mountain bike riding in Orange County.  Recent news reported that one of two women who were mountain bike riding in Orange County had been attacked by a mountain lion, and had survived in critical condition through the valent efforts of her fellow rider and two other persons who came to the scene when they heard all the screaming.  After this attack, authorities killed a mountain lion they believed made the attack, and near that location they found a dead man who also appeared to have been attacked by possibly the same lion.  Subsequent news then reported that the dead man was Mark Reynolds.  One of the local news stations showed his picture on the air and it reminded me of the smile that he always had.  I'll sure miss him.

Many of us knew Mark as a Celo Pacific member before he moved out of the area for some time.  He was energetic, and always willing to help with club functions and events, even when his work kept him very busy.  It was through the hugh volume of his business mailing and shipping that Mark was able to get Celo Pacific our present mail box at the UPS Store for no cost for many years.  After returning to this area, Mark often rode with the club, as recently as a couple weeks ago, and attended club social functions, such as a pizza party at Pizza Port not all that long ago.  Mark had a lot of influence on mountain bike riding in the club, and for several years was the stalwark of raising money that was donated to buy bikes for kids at Christmas time.
Don Elling, Secretary/Treasurer
Celo Pacific Racing Club