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Jason Kirsch


How I got started riding: rode motocross for 20+ years, I dislocated my shoulder and during the recovery period a friend reccomended that I come out riding with her to get back into shape.

Why I love to ride:  It's very safe, when compared to motocross.

Bikes that I have: 2011 Giant TCR1, '05 Trek and a couple of Hondas!

Favorite bike racing idol?: Thomas "the face of pain" Voeckler

Favorite ride(s): Circle R, Palomar Mountain (on the way down)

My future goals:   Podium at ANY crit race!                    profile?: weak!

Outside of cycling interests?: Motocross, Surfing

Interesting stories/facts about me?: My wife, Lynn and myself own, a pediatric speech and occupational therapy clinic located in Oceanside. 

Notable Achievements & Results?: best finish was 12th in a crit race.