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Ben Littler


How I got started riding:Been riding since I was a kid but got into racing when I realized that I liked being a triathlete without the swimming and the running

Why I love to ride:It's the only toy from childhood that you get to play with as an adult

Bikes that I have:

Favorite bike racing idol?:Bernard Hinault. The last great patron of the tour. No one messed with The Badger.

Favorite ride(s): 101 from Poinsettia to work on Torrey Pines

My future goals: Keep the rubber side down and the helmet side up, and enjoy the ride                    profile?:Never, no way. The only race that counts is real time against real people

Outside of cycling interests?:There's life outside cycling?

Interesting stories/facts about me?:My childhood ride is basically the course that will be used in the London Olympics.

Notable Achievements & Results?:Won the Boston Marathon in 1996 (in rowing)