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Paul Miller


How I got started riding: When I was 4 years old (1956) my mom took me out for a training ride. Half way around the block, I took off on her. I really caught hell when she got home.

Why I love to ride: I can go as fast as I want and nobody complains.

Bikes that I have: Custom titanium TT by Sean Wai, Bailey Integral time trial, Fuji Roubaix Pro road, Dawes track bike

Favorite bike racing idol?: No idols, but I really respect Lance Armstrong for what he has done within cycling, then without it. From inside he put cycling back on the map in the states. On the outside his cancer foundation has given hope to many.

Favorite ride(s): Camp Pendleton or anything without stop signs and hills.

My future goals: Race for as long as I can and enjoy it. Ride my bike until I drop. profile?:

Outside of cycling interests?: Psychology background: behavior is always interesting to me.

Interesting stories/facts about me?: "I am what I am and that's all what I am." -- Popeye

Notable Achievements & Results?: 2006 SoCal time trial series champion masters 50+, 2007 USCF CA state TT champion mens tandem 110+, 2010 CBR CA state TT champion masters 55+