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Annette Padilla

How I got started riding:Joined a bike club in Long Beach, near LA, Velo Allegro. They taught me a lot of the basics of group riding on the road. My first coach was a retired Viet Nam Veteran and cop, so I am pretty assertive on the road. 

Why I love to ride:Keeps me fit and young; always feel like I accomplished something; freedom. The outdoors is where I feel most at home. Itís a great way to have fun.

Bikes that I have:2 carbon Bailey cross bikes, 1 singlespeed Gunner cross; Mtn bike (1 29r); 1 steel Battaglin commuter 9 speed; 1 Bailey Carbon Time Trial (TT)(, 1 Cannondale r4 road bike; 2 Chinese bikes in Vietnam, 1 Trek roadbike in Michigan. I also have a trailer I like to tow for getting groceries from the market and drycleaning. Selling my fixed gear now!

Favorite bike racing idol?: Georgia Gould, Luna Team (cyclocross and Mtb).

Favorite ride(s):PQ Canyon (in the dirt), Hodges, The Grove, WED ride

My future goals:  Cat 1; Podium at Mtb races, another state championship in Mtb or TT                      profile?: Iím on there but donít upload data due to time.

Outside of cycling interests?: Research, teaching, running, hiking, international travel

Interesting stories/facts about me?: I ride daily; Iíve never been hit by a car. I road my bike in several cities when I worked/traveled in Viet Nam. Loved this, especially city riding in Ha Noi with hundreds of motorcycles around me. Good use of racing skills. People would come up to me on their moto and shake my hand. I also did a lot of riding in the country, probably Kanchanaburi, Thailand was my favorite. There you have to ride on the other side of the street.

Notable Achievements & Results?: 3 time California State Champion Time Trials. Podiumed at local Racers and Chasers and Quick-N-Dirty Mtb bike series as well as some local TTs. Few podiums this year for SoCalCross in singlespeed racing.