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Dave Van Waldick

Celo member for a year. Previous Swami's club member for 9 years. Don't ask!  

How I got started riding: Have ridden a different times since 1982. Started in early 80's during initial Triathlon period as cross training to take strain off of legs running doing 50-60 miles a week two a day workouts.

Why I love to ride: Being with friends, staying fit, seeing the countryside, mobility, stress release. Plus I enjoy being stared at like a nut in my lycra kit at 7:00 AM sweating after the early La Costa Swami's ride when I go in to  Starbucks where everyone else is just waking up!

Bikes that I have: Specialized Tarmac S-works SL. Man do I love that bike! and Las Cruces-Salsa cross bike.

Favorite bike racing idol?: Cliff Clermont and Brent Prenzlow! Man those guys are animals. And for NOTHING but the personal achievement and the challenge of it. And Mr. Bicycle John Howard!

Favorite ride(s): Vista to Palm Desert Marriott,  by way of Rainbow, Temecula, Anza, Palms to Pines Highway. Love the 25 miles down hill decent. Because it IS dangerous! And there is endless cold beer, sun, and bikinis when you get there!

My future goals:     Ride, stay healthy, race and make friends on new rides and old roads.                  profile?:

Outside of cycling interests?: Hiking, beer, golf and good friends and food. Mortgage and Real Estate Broker for 22 years.

Interesting stories/facts about me?: Migrant from west side of Cleveland Ohio, San Diego based US Navy veteran 1975-1980, San Diego State Business grad, Mortgage and Real Estate Broker for 22 years.

Notable Achievements & Results?:  3 wonderful adult kids, married to the same amazing wife for 32 years!