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Brody McDonald

How I got started riding: My dad used to race mountain bikes & I would go watch him race. I started racing BMX at the age of 4. 

Why I love to ride: I love to ride because I'm really good at it and I love that its challenging.

Bikes that I have: Specialized Crux, Specialized Amira, KHS Alite 1000 mountain bike, Supercross Envy BMX race bike, Specialized Hemi BMX race cruiser, & a General Lee BMX pit bike.

Favorite Rider(s): Tom Boonan

Favorite ride(s): Palomar Mountain

My future goals: to ride in the Tour de France, to win gold in the Olympics, & to win the Pari Roubaix. profile?:

Interesting stories/facts about me?: I did my first century at 8 years old

Outside of cycling interests?: basketball & football

Riding strength?: Climbing and time trialing

Achievements & Results?:

View Brody's Cycling Palmares PDF here!