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Thomas Ryan

How I got started riding: An old guy at church let me ride his classic Vincini racing bike when I was 14 and was hooked.

Why I love to ride: To get stronger (again), enjoy the comradely, get some fresh air, see north San Diego, and to get away from the kids for a few hours…

Bikes that I have: 2010 Look carbon 566 road bike, a 2009 Argon e-14 TT bike, and a 1998 John Tomac '98 Special mountain bike

Favorite bike racing idol?: Greg Lemond: he’s the first American to win the Tour, ahead of his time by introducing arrow bars and hard-shell helmets, and less arrogant than Lance!

Favorite ride(s): Now: Carlsbad to top of Torry Pines and back (ocean scenery) and the Inland Elfin Forest route (just beautiful scenery).

Coolist rides ever: Milan, Italy to Lake Como, Switzerland and back (just under 70 miles), Ring of Kerry, Ireland (just over 100 miles) and from Cologne to Bonn along the Rhine river (Germany).

My future goals: To win 3 triathlons and place a few more top 3 podiums each season. profile?:

Interesting stories/facts about me?:

  • Rode my first century (120+ miles) when I was 14 or 15 years old on a steel Sears bike with upright handlebars and wraparound fenders!
  • My speed record is 65.5 mph behind semi-truck going downhill when I was 16 years old.
  • Raced against Lance Armstrong at 1989 Junior National Championships in Colorado Springs. He won and I was last place (don’t tell anyone). Raced him again at the 2012 Super Frog Half Ironman...his last race ever.
  • The only two people with areo bars at the 1989 Junior National Championships: Lance Armstrong and I
  • Raced 56 races in one year
  • Road my bike in 8 other countries
  • Snuck into a British military installation at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar and played with a group of barbary apes and slept overnight on top of the Rock of Gibraltar (illegally)
  • Escaped from a carpet gang in Tangier, Morocco (long story)
  • "Stole" my credit card back from inside a Credit Lyonnais bank branch in Monte Carlo (the ATM kept it the day before).
  • Traveled to 14 countries and 14 islands
  • Lived on a pig farm in Belgium for two racing seasons
  • Sat behind George Clooney at the Emmy's and made it on TV when he was nomiated in 1995 or 96
  • Was at Times square at New Years millennial 1999/2000 and made it on the Jumbo screen and MTV
  • Volunteered with the Salvation Army at ground zero after 9/11

Outside of cycling interests?: Family, church, vacations, running and swimming.

Riding strength?: Time trials

Achievements & Results?:

  • 1990: won my first Cat 3 Criterium at Balboa Park before upgrading later that month to Cat 2 (at age of 19)

  • 1990: 24th place prolog (top US amature) at the Redlands Classic stage race (Pro/1/2) and 18th place in the criterium stage race.

  • 1992: District 7 SCNCA Pursuit Champion

  • 1992: 11th place prolog (Pro/1/2) at Tour Gila Stage Race New Mexico

  • 1994: 14th place prolog in a 3 day international stage race in Belgium

  • (Little break here)

  • 2011 to present triathlon results:

  • 4th place overall out of 3,924 offical finishers at the 2013 Rosarito to Ensenada Bike Ride (and Strava KOM holder x2):