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2002-03 Cross Race Reports

1/25/03 - World Masters' Cyclocross Championship, Mol, Belgium. 

By: Jim Cushing-Murray

At the beginning of the season, it seemed like a great idea to travel to Mol, Belgium and compete in the Masters World Cyclocross Championship. It looked like four or five Celo Pacific members would go; but alas, only I made the trip. Flying into Amsterdam, I rented a car and drove off to Mol. Mol was less than 200 kilometers from Amsterdam and easy to find. 

The championship course is located on a large summer campground area. Tracey Lea recommended renting a four-person cabin located only meters from the course. These were small chalets with a two-bedroom loft and a full kitchen. At less than $200 a week, these are bargains. You do pay for electricity but it was a minimal charge and I'm sure encourages conservation. 

My cabin was located right next to a group of British riders who adopted me. Even though I spend three days with them, I still had difficulty understanding them. Theirs was not the BBC, Masterpiece Theatre spoken English. Instead they were a rough and ready group from the midlands of England.

The course was clearly marked and not subject to change. Many had been in Mol for a couple of days of practice - a good idea. The course was so tough that you had to be careful not to do yourself in practicing.

The course started on a fairly long, nice flat stretch of asphalt. This looked good to me. But then it made a hard left towards the lake and onto an unrideable long stretch of sand. You had a choice, immediately dismount or plow through the sand until you lost all momentum. Even the best couldn't make it through this stretch of the course although some came close.

Then, you rode along the beach in semi-soft wet sand that didn't allow you to get going very quickly. Into a short sandy section that was rideable; at least, by the youngest and strongest riders. I actually made it through only to keel over from exhaustion once I reached hard ground. It was really a matter to horsepower, technique and confidence. 

Then it was into some technically difficult single track with only one proper line. If you missed the line by either being not smooth enough or too fast and you were off your bike. There was more single track than expected and no where to rest. Just about the time you got comfortable, you hit some little tricky section. Most could be made if you were smooth enough to take the right line. Even so, you were just barely turning the cranks over and you felt like you were doing deep squats with heavy weights.

There were no barriers but as the Belgiums are fond of saying: none are necessary, the course will take care of dismounts. And they were right. They did have two sets of log piles piled up about six feet with dirt filling. You ran up these and then there was a steep descent usually into some tricky turn. You struggled to get clipped in and then find the right line.

Lots of riders were out practicing and most didn't wear helmets. In fact, helmets were hardly ever worn except during the actual race. Everyone was friendly and you were able to see an amazing diversity of cyclocross bikes. Nevertheless, you could tell this was serious business.

The British riders were very helpful trying to teach me the proper lines. They'd been through a long series of races in their area. They have leagues with computer print outs of standings, etc.. Generally, their races are mass starts with the entire field so they often have over a 100 riders on the start line. 

This was a course designed by a masochist cross rider and nothing like we see here in the US. To be successful, you have to be very smooth, technically proficient, and strong. If you try to muscle your bike around, you die.

To everyone's surprise, on the day before the race, the skies cleared and the sun was out in all its glory. This never happens in Belgium. It was cold and there were patches of ice on the paved road but definitely a nice day. We had the same weather for the race too although there were a few sprinkles during the last race.

I didn't have high expectations but wondered how many good 60 year old plus riders there were in the world. There were 12 and they were good. The start was made for an old crit rider like me but I was stunned at the speed of the start. It was a flat out sprint and I held onto fifth or sixth position coming into the sand. I could never master the technical part of the course and it was probably the most difficult 30-minute race I've ever done. I was near collapse several times. No excuses either, I was feeling good and had a good warm-up. I guess I was last, although the British riders who were supporting me said I couldn't have been last but I certainly wasn't near the front riders. 

Most of us road riders don't think about how a bike should flow. The owner of Tufo Tires told me not to worry about aggressive tread designs. He said, a good cyclocross rider rides his bike like a downhill skier skis: balanced and smooth. Speed is obviously important but speed can't come until you're smooth. When I watched to best riders, they didn't look like they were going much faster than I, but they sure made it look effortless. 

Even though this was the world championships, the race entry fee was just over $10, you didn't need an expensive international license, unlike our nationals, no one was pulled in any of the races and everyone who completed the race was given a personalized certificate. All in all, the race organizers did a great job - I'd do it again.

1/12/03 - SO. CAL. ‘CROSS CUP – RACE #4 - SERIES FINAL, San Diego, CA.

Prenzlow and Wong Take Elite So. Cal. ‘Cross Cup Overall Titles

By: Doug McWhinney

After a long season of cyclocross racing and four So. Cal. ‘Cross Cup (SCCC) races, Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Cannondale) and Dorothy Wong (Kelly Bike Company) were finally crowned with the Elite Men’s and Women’s Overall SCCC titles. Prenzlow and Wong each received a pair of Spinergy Xaero-X wheels to go along with their new titles.

As expected, the mid-January series final drew fewer participants than the previous races, but the die-hard crossers were there and battled hard as usual. The racers were greeted by sunny and warm southern California weather once again, prompting more water bottle hand-ups than usual. The course, near the San Diego velodrome, was long, wide and fast consisting of 50% dirt roads, 45% dirt trails and 5% pavement. The course also featured four barrier sections, including a run-up. Most riders were ticking off lap times in the 7-1/2 to 8 minute range on the long course.

There was some very close racing as riders battled for victories and valuable points toward the overall standings. The winners for most of the categories would not be decided until the days racing was complete. The most exciting race was in the C category where Dave Bales (Celo Pacific) and Dan Breyer (Celo Pacific) started the day within 10 points of each other. Bales, Breyer and Greg Zackowski (San Diego Bicycle Club) broke away early and stayed together to the finish, with Breyer taking the victory and the overall title in a close finish.

12/15/02 - Cyclocross National Champsionships, Domain Chandon - Yountville, CA

12" of rain caused serious flooding and made for torrential conditions near Napa at this year's cyclocross nationals. To add to the rain, fierce winds whipped through the vineyard causing major damage to both the course and the riders. 5 Celo racers braved the conditions:

  • Brent Prenzlow (Masters 30-34), 5th place

    "I had a good solid ride and finally made my goal of making the podium at a national. The key today was not making mistakes or flatting, which I did with the exception of a last lap endo into a mud hole that delivered a nice Pete Rose headfirst slide into the mud pit. Fortunately, I didn't damage anything and I got up quickly and was able to hold off Adam Hodges-Myerson for the last podium spot! A big thanks to Jim and Gail for the great pit support (They were there every lap in BOTH PITS with a clean bike ready had I needed one. This was key as I saw 2 top guys flat on rocks deeply hidden under the water and sludge.), and Doug for lending a hand before he got warmed up for his event." - BP
  • Doug McWhinney (Masters 35-39), approx. 27th - Doug had a strong ride despite not getting an official placing. He was riding near the top 10 initially in a big 80 rider field and he said he felt o.k., but not great. At points during the race, the rain and wind were really coming down hard. Doug was able to keep it going, but with 2 laps to go with the leader's not yet too close, he was pulled out. This was disappointing as Doug was around 25th-30th and he could've moved back into the top 20 in the final laps.

  • Jim Cushing-Murray (Masters 55+), 14th place - Jim reports, "Three riders were called up for the start of the 55+ national cyclocross championship. To my surprise, I was one of them due to my 8th place finish at last years' nationals.  It was cold and the rain was coming down in sheets. I got off to a great start but once we left the pavement life changed.  Overnight they had added a long running section in mud that was shin deep.  I wasn't sure you could run through mud that deep.  Then we went into another hub-deep rideable mud section.  There was only one line through this section and it attracted the largest number of spectators gleefully awaiting those who missed the line and fell in the mud.  I made and cleaned the section. With each lap, I rode more and more sections that I thought were impossible on the first lap, but still I drifted back. While my race placing was lousy, it was great fun and with these epic conditions, I earned my right to be part of the cyclocross fraternity."

  • Jeanne Bernhard (Masters Women 45+), ? - Apparently this was a fiasco! - In other words, the officials really screwed up the Masters Women's results because all age groups were on the course at the same time and since it was such a short course, began pulling riders from the 45+ off the course in fear of the leaders of the 30+ and 35+ lapping them.  They literally stopped the 45+ race mid-race.  In the end, there were a lot of frustrated ladies!  Most of the results were wrong and it took them around 2 hours to figure everything out.

  • Rob Bernhard (Mens C) - Rob was pulled along with Cush as they were both lapped by the Belgian World Masters Champion, Erik Teck, who won the shortest race of the weekend (30 minutes total), by over 2 minutes on second place. Now one might ask, "What the heck was a World Champion doing in the C's and also what in the heck is a World Champion from Belgium doing in Napa during US Nationals!!!!"

12/7/02 - Coyote Point Cx, San Mateo, CA

This course was right on the San Francisco Bay and included a sand pit drop off that was a run for most and a ride for a few right next to the water. There was also a big climb and some tough riding through wood chips and bumpy grass. Brent Prenzlow had a good race finishing a solid 9th in the 43-rider Elite field that was won by Swiss pro Thomas Frishknecht.

12/1/02 - USCF CA State Championships / So Cal Cross Cup #3, Vista - Prenzlow and Wong Take Elite Gold

Defending California State Cyclocross Champion Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Cannondale) and North Carolina mountain bike pro Ryan Trebon (Krystels Cycling) shredded the Mens Elite field in the California State Cyclocross Championship. Prenzlow, hot off strong performances at the Redline Cup and Wheeler Farm races in Utah, defended his State Championship and won the race over the very aggressive Trebon. Trebon, who just arrived on the left coast to prepare for the U-23 cyclocross nationals in Napa, fired the afterburners at the gun and Prenzlow was the only one who could go with him. Trebon and Prenzlow opened a big gap on the first lap and were never threatened. The rest of the field, led by Joseph McNerney (Alameda Bicycle), Michael Hernandez (Reno NV) and Jason VanMarle (JAX/Trek/VW), started the battle for the final podium spot while they were licking their wounds caused by the blazing start.

The younger Trebon attacked Prenzlow repeatedly in the early laps, but could not break free, so the duo waged a fast, exciting battle to the end. The race was decided near the finish when the patient Prenzlow accelerated hard over the barriers into the main run-up while Trebon botched his remount. Prenzlow pushed hard to the finish and had time for yet another State Championship victory salute. The fight for third place was won by VanMarle, who has been a consistent top-three finisher in southern California cyclocross racing this year.

The State Championship Race drew 115 mud-thirsty cyclocrossers in ten categories, each looking for championship medals and points towards the So. Cal. ‘Cross Cup (SCCC) series overall. The recent rains, cooler weather (a chilly 46 degrees at 7:00AM - Oooooo, brrrr) and partly-cloudy skies made Sunday feel like a day for cyclocross. The course was mostly wide and fast consisting of 85% dirt roads, 10% grass and 5% pavement. The course featured three barrier sections, including a ride-able grassy hill with barriers at the bottom and top (which forced the riders to think about whether riding or running was the best option between the barriers), a short, steep un-ride-able "wall", off-camber grassy turns and a slow, technical turn through a soft dirt "pit". 

In the Masters 35+ race, defending champ Emilio Cervantes (Excel Sports), Gary Hansen (Mercury) and race director Doug McWhinney (Celo Pacific) broke free early and waged a tactical battle to the finish. With one-third lap remaining and Hansen leading, McWhinney attacked to get to the technical "pit" first, but Hansen parried the move. The battle between McWhinney and Hansen opened the door for Cervantes to slip by both of his combatants and enter the "pit" first. Hansen followed Cervantes while McWhinney bobbled in the "pit", ending his chances. Cervantes held off Hansen to take the win and defend his State Championship jersey. 

The Masters 45+ race saw Paul Suding (Revolution), down from Santa Barbara, grab the state championship over Randy Liechty (Swami’s) and Rickey Russell (Cycles Veloce), the winner of the first two SCCC races. Local rider Gary DeVoss (Cyclovets) took the Masters 55+ state championship honors ahead of defending champ Jim Cushing-Murray (Celo Pacific) and Michael Jenkins (San Diego Bicycle Club).

The Elite Women’s category included the very strong Nadine Bruhn (Stevens Jeantex), winner of SCCC #2, and defending state champion Dorothy Wong (Kelly Bike Company), fresh off of her 11th place at the Utah Redline Cup race. Bruhn took her second consecutive victory over Wong, but Wong earned the state championship title since Bruhn is not a California rider. The Master Women 35+ championship was won by Jenny Frayer (Reno) over Kelly Roberts (P.A.A.) and Dianna Barnes (P.A.A.). Juozas Martynaitas (Reno) took home the Junior 15-18 state championship title followed by local rider Freyr Petursson (Unattached) and David Mendoza (B&L), who was the winner of SCCC #1. In the Junior 12-14 race, Ricardo Cruz (B&L) earned the state championship gold over Luke Kinney (Team Specialized) and Casey Fersch (Race Haus), who won SCCC#2.

The non-state-championship categories had good size fields and close, exciting racing. The Mens B category saw close racing early between Mark Scott (B3 Wings), Craig Kozak (Active Endeavors), Eric Luk (PCC) and Ken Skogerson (Celo Pacific). The bunny-hopping Thad Sparrow (Celo Pacific) was not in the fray this race since he planned on joining the chase for a state championship medal in the Elites. Scott took the victory this week over Kozak, with Luk claiming the third spot. Bret Suding (Unattached) won the Mens C race after a great battle with Dan Breyer (Celo Pacific), and James Doh (Bicycle Johns) rounded out the top three. The top podium spot in the Mens D race was taken by Sean Zook (Unattached), and Jeanne Bernhard (Celo Pacific), well on her way to victory in the SCCC series, grabbed her third consecutive SCCC victory in the Womens B race.

11/24/02 - Redline Cup Utah & UT State Series

             #16 - Brent Prenzlow, Celo Pacific

Day 1: Redline Cup #2: Soldier Hollow, Utah

The course at Soldier Hollow (5600 ft elevation) was very hilly and difficult. Luckily, the weather was good as the forecasted rain/snow held off until after our race. The wind was whipping and temps were in the 40s with partly cloudy skies. The pre-race call-up was frustrating for me as I had placed in the first Redline Cup and was expecting to get called up; however, I didn’t get called and I had to start in the very back row. This was a big disadvantage as I had to take crazy lines and use lots of extra energy on the first lap to pass 30 guys just to move into the top 25. I could see two large packs containing all the favorites in front of me, but I could not bridge the gap alone. The combination of my first lap passing efforts and the high altitude forced me to back off or risk blowing up. I settled into “TT-mode” and kept it steady. I slowly passed more riders who were falling off the lead pack and I worked my way into the top 20. At the end, I sprinted for 18th against AZ mtn pro Jason Tullous (Giant), but I lost in a bike toss and was given 19th place. As we left the venue, the rain started. Had it rained earlier, we would have been running half the course as even in dry conditions, I was forced into my low gear (38x27) several times each lap. Considering the start, I was happy with my race. National Champ Todd Wells and Marc Gullickson (Mongoose) were the top guys once again. I rode my headshox Cannondale today and I was really flying on the bumpy decents! It was super smooth and I had no bike problems.

Day 2: Utah State Series – Wheeler Farms, Salt Lake City

Today’s race was flat and fast. Several of yesterday’s top riders stayed and raced again so the competition was tough. I did much better at the start with a no call-ups and a first come, first server approach that let me start in the second row. Johnny Sundt (K2) got the hole shot and he and Todd Wells (Mongoose) set a wicked pace. I sprinted onto the back of the lead group along with Bart Bowen (Kona) and Bart Gillespie (Utah’s best) and within half a lap, the five of us were gone. Wells attacked on lap 2 & Sundt was the only one who could follow so those two were off for the rest of the day. I was content to be in the chase group and things were going great until midway when Gillespie suddenly fell in a loose corner and I rode smack into him crashing and tangling our bikes at the same time. My foot was actually stuck in his front wheel! The crash allowed Bowen to move into 3rd solo and also allowed Colorado mtn pro Frank Mapel (Specialized) to catch and pass us. We quickly got going and caught Mapel and the three of us pursued Bowen. Bart made it easy on us as two laps later he crashed and lost his chain. The three of us passed him, but he was able to bridge back up to form a group of four racing for third. On the last lap, Mapel made the first attack and got a narrow gap. Next, Bowen attacked going into the final uphill double barrier section. Gillespie made the awesome move by riding the barriers and catching and passing Bowen in the process. I was going flat out, but could not repass either of them and we finished in that order: Mapel, 3rd, Gillespie, 4th, Bowen, 5th, Prenzlow, 6th. Even though I didn’t capitalize on the opportunity to get third, I was very happy to stay in this fast group all race long and prove to myself that I can hang with some of the best guys if I get a good start. I rode my rigid Cannondale today and it felt great – light and smooth.

11/17/02 - So Cal Cross Cup #2, Oceanside

Mark Noble (Camarillo Ravens) and Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific) ripped up the Mens Elite field in the second race of the So. Cal. ‘Cross Cup. Noble, who has been racing cross in Northern California this winter, won convincingly, but Prenzlow was a relentless pursuer and was ready to pounce on the leader at the first sign of weakness. Strong riding by top roadie Jason Van Marle (Jax/Trek/VW) netted him the third spot on the podium. The remainder of the field was again comprised of many strong riders including mountain bike pro Garnet Vertican (ODJ), Jeff Herring (Kelly Bike Co.) and pro triathlete Erik Burgan (PBO/Spinergy).

More sunny, warm, un-cyclocross-like weather greeted the 86 starters on Sunday, but the temperature was cooler than it was for race #1. The undulating course at Guajome Park contained an even mix of grass and hard packed dirt roads, and featured three barrier sections including a run up, two slippery off-camber turns and a short dirt road power climb. The dirt roads begged for fast riding and required good bike handling in the slippery turns, and the grass demanded power, power, power.

In other categories, Gary Hansen (Mercury) had a convincing victory in the Masters 35+ category over the-always-tough Chris Gallup (Unattached). The Masters 45+ race saw Rickey Russell win his second consecutive race followed by Stan Appel (Velo Avanti) and Jonathan Livesay (P.A.A.). The Elite Women elected to start with the Men’s B race to test their fitness and gave many of the B’s a run for their money. Nadine Bruhn (Stevens Jeantex) won the Elite Women’s race followed by Dorothy Wong (Kelly Bike Company) in second. The Mens B category was another battle between Erik Luk (PCC) and the-bunny-hopping Thad Sparrow (Celo Pacific). Luk won the battle to claim his second win and Sparrow hung on for second.

Dan Breyer (Celo Pacific) won the Mens C race after a great, race long battle with Toby Rider (S.B. Wheelmen), Brian Blair (Unattached) claimed the Mens D victory, Casey Fersch (Race Haus) won the Junior category, and master mountain biker Jeanne Bernhard (Celo Pacific) grabbed her second victory in the Womens B race.

11/10/02 - Casino Cyclocross double weekend, Reno, Nevada

Ken Skogerson checks in with this report. "I had a really fun weekend! It rained and snowed all weekend! Although the course was great to race on. It was not muddy, but rather hard-to-soft packed sand! 

Saturday - I raced Men's Bs....The whole race consisted of myself and a (roadie) local favorite kid from Lithuania (6'1"), all lungs and legs. We raced together the whole time jockeying for first. I advanced ahead for a lap and a half but he soon took it back. I assumed the chase the rest of the time. I ended up finishing about 15-20 secs behind him and took 1st in Bs. Turns out he is an A's 'junior' racer. I think he was cherry picking for ncnca points for this weekend's district champ. in Vacaville. 

Sunday - Showed up to race in the freezing cold weather waiting for others to show up as well....waited and waited. No C or B race. Only 6 racers total. I failed to do an 'idiot check' before I left the house and FORGOT my helmet! So Nick, a really nice passerby, going for a stroll in the park on Sunday - loaned me his $1 thrift store helmet for the race. Everyone was quite amused. The race was the "Big 40 Bash". Some guy put on the race for his B-Day, thus BIG 40! The champagne cork was the start gun. We gave the B-day racer a courtesy 1/2 lap then Mike Hernandez (Men's A racer) and I took off. I followed as long as possible before he gained 30 seconds on me! Then near the end, I think he was having full conversations with those he was passing or something b/c I found myself caught up to him by 15 seconds at the finish! (Check this out Mike Hernandez is from San Diego too!) We're going to Dec.1 State CX in SD and I'm dragging Lisa with me too!

11/03/02 - So Cal Cross Cup #1, Oceanside

The first race in San Diego's So Cal Cross Cup, a five race series, took place this past Sunday at Guajome Regional Park in Oceanside. Although the weather was unseasonably warm for typical cross (with temperatures reaching nearly 80 degrees), the course was really fun and made for a great race. The layout consisted of an even mix of hard dirt trails, soft energy-sucking grass sections, and one very short paved stretch. The tree-lined grass area provided the racers with 2 challenging run-ups and provided the spectators with shaded viewing areas to see the best cross action. The course was designed in such a way that the pits were accessible from three different parts of the loop making bike and wheel changes convenient. 

The Mens A race featured many top riders including current California State Champion Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Cannondale), Masters 35+ National Champion Alan Coats (Steelman), Pro Mountain Biker Garnet Vertican (ODI/Southridge), top road racers Jason Van Marle (Jax/Trek/VW) and Mike Anker (Imartin Imports), and 17-yr old, future star Perry Paolini (Balance Bar/Devo). Paolini, who normally races in the Junior category, proved he was not afraid to race with the Elites as he quickly jumped off the front and pushed the pace to create a first-lap lead group of 4 riders: Paolini, Vertican, Coats, and Prenzlow. The field was immediately stretched out behind into single file with Van Marle and Anker the two closest chasers. 

After approximately 20 minutes, the front group lulled and Prenzlow, who had been hanging on the back of the lead group, made his move and upped the pace. Initially Prenzlow was shadowed by Alan Coats, however, as the two hit the long, bumpy grass downhill, Prenzlow rode away utilizing his Cannondale Cyclocross Headshox (front suspension) and never looked back. Behind Brent, Garnet Vertican was able to catch and pass Coats to move into a clear second position. As the race neared it's end, Coats, who had raced and won the Masters earlier, tired a bit and was passed by Jason Van Marle for third. Perry Paolini hung on to finish 4th.

In other categories, 35+ National Cross Champion Alan Coats was victorious in the Masters 35+ category after a seesaw battle in the first half of the race with Chris Gallup, Ted Posch (Velocity) and Mike McMahon (Velocity). The Masters 45+ race also had some close racing as a group of four stayed together for several laps until eventual winner Ricky Russell (Cycles Veloce) broke free. The Elite Women’s race had a small, but strong field, which was won by an impressive Rebecca Cooke (White Mtn Road Club). The battle for second was eventually won by Melissa Fletcher ( Bar) over a persistent Julie Lowery (Celo Pacific). The Mens B category was another hotly contested race, with three or four riders staying together for much of the race, until perennial cyclocrosser Erik Luk (PCC) left the group to find victory alone. Thad Sparrow (Celo Pacific) rode strongly to claim second place, his third of the season.

David Bales (Celo Pacific) convincingly won the Mens C race, Mike Jenkins (SDBC) claimed the Mens D victory, a very fast David Mendoza (B&L) won the Junior category, and master mountain biker Jeanne Bernhard (Celo Pacific) grabbed the top honors in the Womens B race.

Approximately 65 racers lined-up in the opener of the 5-race series. Seven of the nine categories received cash prizes in addition to product provided by race sponsors Clif Bar, Spinergy, Bike-101, and Sock Guy. Thanks to our sponsors for supporting the local cyclocross scene and we look forward to seeing everyone on Nov 17th for round 2, also being held at Guajome Park in Oceanside. Check for the race flyer, updated information, directions, results, and more.

10/27/02 - Urban Cyclocross Opener, Palos Verdes Estates

Celo Pacific places 2 in top 5 of the Mens A race. Brent Prenzlow and Doug McWhinney placed 1st and 5th to both make the cash prize list. In the Mens B race, Thad Sparrow finished 2nd. Dave Bales was 3rd in the C race, and 4th in the Masters 40+ despite a flat and crash . Jim Cushing-Murray, Shawn Lowery, and Richard Murphy also competed.  The race was held under mostly sunny skies at the Palos Verdes Intermediate School. There was 1 set of cement stairs, 1 run-up, and 2 other barrier sections. The start/finish was held on a dirt track which was nice for the spectators using the grass infield.

10/20/02 - Redline Cup of Cross #1, Tacoma, Washington

Celo Cyclocrosser Brent Prenzlow opened the 2002 season for the team with a pair of top 25 placings at tough Northwest UCI events. On Saturday, at Portland International Raceway, Brent was 18th on a fast, dry, and dusty course. The following day at the Redline Cup in Tacoma, Washington, Brent finished 21st, 4:19 off the winning time set by National Champ Todd Wells. Here is a run-up photo. Notice the "Rad Racer" has just hopped over the barrier behind Brent.

10/20/02 - Pierce College Rocket Parts Cyclocross

Jim Cushing-Murray represented Celo Pacific in the first So. Cal event of the year in the Los Angeles area. Cushing-Murray is on a real cross bike this year so look-out Masters for the man with the titanium Morati! Don't be surprised to see him on the podium at US Nationals in Napa this December. He said this about the course, "Did the Woodland Hills race yesterday.  It was a good course designed for cross although there were a fair number of mountain bikes out there. Some loose dirt sections but nothing that was not ridable.  One good run up, some pavement and a few curbs."